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source If you have been reading things about video marketing then you know that 2018 is already being touted as the year of videos. It sound like a marketing gimmick however if you look at the statistics a little carefully you will realize that there is a lot of truth behind this. YouTube has come across and has created a special niche for itself, when it comes to marketing for small businesses. The continued refinement of YouTube to make creating videos and editing them easier and quicker points in the same direction.


site de rencontre international gratuit et serieux It is not essential to hire a video editing company or video creation specialist for all your videos. You can utilize the power of video in a lot of ways without really knowing much about technicalities and tools for editing.

Why is 2018 considered the year of videos? 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 65 percent of those who haven’t been using videos plan to start in 2018

source link Consumption has grown manifold in the past few years. 72% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service then read about it. Facebook videos have 135% greater reach than photo or text posts.

opções binárias video aula Consumers engage on videos on every social media platform be it Facebook YouTube Instagram or Twitter.

rencontre aa charlesbourg With so much mind boggling data available it is hard to ignore videos.

However as a small business or a startup, you might be facing fund crunch and having a fancy video editing tool, or a creative team, might be out of reach right now.

So how can you leverage video for your business?

Not every business might have products or services that could be video worthy. If you are a software company or an app development startup, there might not be much to showcase and create a channel in terms of video versatility.

Similarly if you have products that revolve around B2B then again, your options might be limited in terms of video content.

The consumer is not always looking for a straight forward video about the product. You could get creative in terms of showcasing your brand with brand awareness videos, or how to videos, interesting info graphics where data is converted into videos.

Some of the popular format of videos

As businesses you can creatively think how videos can be incorporated in your marketing plan.

Educate them

Videos could be explanatory, about how to use the product, various places where it is useful, or even showcase allied ways in which your product is useful.

For example if you are a coffee filter manufacturer, your product helps in brewing coffee. But instead of just focusing on how to brew coffee, creating a series of videos that explain or showcase recipes using filter coffee.

Similarly if you are a gym owner. Instead of just showcasing how the exercise machines are to be used. You could put up weekly challenges that offer information about fitness and how by using a particular machine they could achieve their goals.

Customer testimonials

A great way to use videos is creating video testimonials. Testimonials or reviews are known to attract audiences, a video testimonial builds authenticity and trust around the brand. Showcase real people using your product and how they have benefited out of it.

How to videos

Internet has revolutionized the way how people are consuming information and learning things on the go. The biggest contributor here is the video learning. Creating how to videos based on your product or services, will definitely gain higher views as compared to text or images. The explainer videos also have been quite popular.

Announcements and live

If you are launching a new product you could have a live video about the launch or if you are having major announcements about product expansion, funding information or any other kind of event live videos work really well. Audiences today is not looking at a really finished and fine video, but they are looking for quality information and content. Even mobile video uploads have known to go viral if they have enough content and usability.


You could even convert your webinars into video and use it in drip video email marketing. The webinar also could be uploaded on YouTube or any other social media channel that is highly active for your brand. Similarly you could also work upon your slides and convert them into videos.

Tools to create videos

There are various tools available in the market to create videos and even edit them. A few of them are listed here.

If you are creating videos or sharing your computer screen you could use tools like camtasia and screencast.

If you want to create animated videos try tools like Animoto and goAnimate.

Sellamations is a great tool for creating Doodle videos where your stories are hand drawn with marker. Common craft can be used to use cutouts to explain complex ideas.

You could even convert your presentations loaded on SlideShare into videos.

Then there are tools like lumen 5 and wibbitz which help convert your text into videos.

As a small business it is time to leverage video and showcase your knowledge and product to a wider audience.

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