Book Review – Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

I am going to review a non-fiction today – Irrationally Passionate, My turnaround from a Rebel to Entrepreneur. To start off this book isn’t a traditional business and management book. It does not talk about theories that can be translated to others. It is more autobiographical in nature and that lends a unique voice to […]

Once Upon a Crush – A Book Review

Once Upon a Crush is a lighthearted book that is part chic-lit and part romance. Written by Kiran Manral, the book is published by leadstartcorp. Priced at Rs.195 the book has 224 pages and is available in all major online book stores. Book Blurb – Rayna De, stuck in a dead-end job with a boss […]

Tarikshir a mytho historic fantasy thriller

Tarikshir a historic fantasy thriller – A Book Review

I have been running like a headless chicken for quiet sometime now. Yeah! that’s what happens when both your kids start formal school and none have any seriousness about studying! So, in between getting my kids in school, begging them to study and my work I hardly could find any time to read! This is […]