Book Zoravar – Perfect entertainer for the movie buffs

Book Name – Zoravar

Author – Maharsh Shah

Publisher – Harper Collins

Price – 299/-

The book Zoravar is by the author’s own admission “A love letter to the movies from its biggest fanboy, and there is nothing but worship and romance within me for the real matinee gods and geniuses mentioned in the story.”

I am sure you have an inkling of what the book is about and how it is being narrated.

Zoravar Book Blurb

Sikh. Pashtun. Thuggee. Fraud. Movie Star. This is the story of Zoravar Cheema

1945, Lahore, India. Zoravar Cheema, sixteen and in love with the magic of the big screen, dreams of becoming  a movie star. By the time the turbulent events of 1947 roll out, he has an important decision to make.

My review of the book Zoravar

The book has all the right ingredients for a movie buff to fall in love with this book. The story is basically about a boy from the remote village of India who dreams of becoming a movie star and will do whatever it takes to achieve this.

The book spans over 30 years and shows the rise of Zoravar from a dreamy 16 year old to a popular movie star at the zenith of his stardom. As a true blue saga based on Bollywood it has its share of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.

The book has a lot of Bollywood facts and gossip which will be loved by movie buffs. As I was reading the book I could imagine my dad reading it and loving it. So the author has done complete justice to building the aura and adding a dollop of real life gossip and facts with fiction.

It is a quick read, and the narration is crisp. It remains a page turner till the end. The book is well edited and the books cover is beautiful. It kind of sets the tone for what to expect. The situations and the story is replete with instances from the Bollywood of bygone era, making the read more relevant.

 While the book ends in a cliff hanger I am not really sure what will the second installment be. I would have loved closure on some of the loose ends in the current book.

Zoravar - A book review

About Maharsh Shah – the Author

Maharsh Shah has worked extensively with major movie studios as pat of their creative development and commissioning teams. He has been involved in the development and production of various mainstream Hindi feature films apart from writing columns about pop culture and movie trivia in leading newspapers. This is his first book.

My ratings – 4/5

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10 Replies to “Book Zoravar – Perfect entertainer for the movie buffs”

  1. Recently, I read about this book. I liked the title of the book. It gives me a feel of some tall , handsome guy who is in modeling world. I was happy to read that somewhere this character is related to media industry. 🙂

  2. A review of the book Zoravar sounds very appealing. Being a big movie buff, I am definitely going to grab my copy very soon. Also, I must say your explanation about the character is giving me the feeling of some Amitabh Bachchan’s movie.

  3. I am a movie enthusiast , this seems to be a perfect book for people like me. Thanks for the detailed review,placing my order right away

  4. wow this is interesting.. being a movie buff , I would love to have a copy for myself love the way you have written about his character.. makes me so curious ..can’t wait to read it now

  5. Though I am not a movie buff but still loved the plot and setting of this book. the cover page is interesting enough to make readers curious to know more about it. loved your honest review.

  6. Being a bollywood entusiast this book is surely gonna be a good read for me. After a serious of serious reads, I think this book is a good light read tht I need.

  7. This book exudes so much of Bollywood to me and I am pleasantly intrigued about the book too. I am looking forward to getting my hands on it and reading it.

  8. The book cover itself sums up the scenario of the book perfectly. It is said that we can not judge a book by its cover but this covet perfectly matches the plot. I am.intrugued to read the book after your review.

  9. I really loved the book cover, and the plot seems really interesting. Thanks for sharing this would love to get my copy!!

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