2020 wasn’t the greatest of years for my reading or writing. I lost focus of my blog while doing a million things and that is what I wish to do right this year. I truly want 2021 to be a year of self-discovery and personal growth on both professional and personal front. The best way to go about it was to brush up by blog and establish myself as a serious blogger. I wish to start with some targets for my blog and work towards it.

Another area that I wish to work on is reading. I usually read fiction. I enjoy the adventure and thrill it brings; but this year I wish to add a good amount of non-fiction to the mix as well. I have been shortlisting the titles to read and that is when I read about BlogChatter’s Reading Challenge.

The perfect motivation for the procrastinating me! I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and I jumped the bandwagon immediately however, to avoid shooting for more than I can handle, I have registered for just 1 book per month.

TBR Book Reading Challenge

Another thing I want to try is add audiobooks to the mix. While it does not mean reading in the traditional sense, but if it is reading for pleasure or for growing then whether it is reading or listening, it shouldn’t really matter is what I believe. I do hope Blogchatter too believes the same 😛 Making a list on the app is easier and I am halfway through!

I hope to achieve a healthy mix of reading for personal growth and reading for pleasure. Another reason to add audiobooks to the mix is because I have to really will myself to read non-fiction. An audiobook when performed well, makes me want to know the concepts and listen more. It is a perfect companion when I am down with my kids, keeping an eye on them as they play around.

Business books are something that I want to start reading too. The drab style was always enough to put me off these books. One of the reasons why I ran away from MBA was the kind of books I might have to read! It could well be my perception, but it is kind of deep-rooted and I wish to tackle this one head on this year.

This post is starting to sound more like my resolution for 2021 than a post about book reading challenge, so getting back to that, the whole motivation for getting on a reading challenge was to motivate myself into reading more non-fiction and business book. Though my first book is a fiction, I hope to keep that count on the lower side in the whole challenge.

Fingers crossed!

‘I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter’

27 Replies to “#TBR Book Reading Challenge is my way to grow in 2021”

  1. All the best Neha! You know I resonate a lot of what you have said – I also missed out on my blog and reading last few years. Also I never read non-fiction and that is something I want to remedy as well.

  2. It’s exciting to know you would be choosing to listen to audio books this year, Neha. There’s a particular book I have been looking for years and it’s only available as an audio book. So yes let this be the year of experiencing new formats 🙂

  3. I am a book review blogger and hence the challenge excites me unendingly. I am going to register. Thanks a lot for spreading the word or else I would have missed this opportunity to participate.

  4. A tip to read non-fiction book is a just read 3-4 pages of it or a small chapter and then switch to another book. Reading it slowly will gives us urge to read again and also gives us ample time to register all the advices in the book.

  5. Yes i also feel that audio books are great option to maintain your reading plan with busy schedule. blogchatter reading challenge is really awesome, in fact I also want to join the same but due to some reasons would not be able to do that. all the best to you for reading challenge.

  6. I am glad to know that audiobook is one of the great options, even you have inspired me to give it a try!!It’s great to start reading this year!!

  7. All the best Neha.. Happy reading and blogging. I am more into non fiction, so if you need any suggestions on the books let me know. Audio book are great option.. I will also incorporate in my reading list.Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. I’m participating in #TBRChallenge too and am super excited about the large number of people joining in. Haven’t decided what I’m going to read yet but my ambition is 20. Hope for the best!

  9. Even my reading has taken a backseat too and that’s why I decided to join the Blogchatter book reading challenge. But I still have to shortlist the books I want to read though I have already decided the number I want to achieve. All the best, Neha!

  10. #TBRchallenge is the talk of the readers town this month. Audiobooks can definitely be a great way to cope up with the reading if lagging behind like me… I will surely try them as I have never used an audiobook.

  11. Even i used to read extensively at one time and was known as a bookworm. But food blogging takes up all my time. I am a one-man army and struggling with technology. All the best to you for the book challenge. Am sure you will rock it.

  12. This challenge is amazing for book lovers to keep going. As much I enjoy reading, I rarely get time to participate in such challenges. Will probably do next time now.

  13. Oh yes I have ignored my blog like anything last year. So I really want to focus on that too. This is such an amazing challenge. Would be waiting to know what books you pick to read.

  14. All the best wait your book reading challenge I know that it can get overwhelming and so number like one book a month is actually a good idea and a good place to start from I think I will also follow in your foot steps.

  15. I love reading fiction books but this year I will also read self-help books to keep me motivated. Thanks for telling about this reading challenege.

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