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An Unlikely Pair


She lay there, crying and helpless.

He came, fought against all odds to save her.

She was a 3 day old baby, left on the streets to die

He was an eunuch, dejected with the world’s suspicious eyes

Both were sad, but had a will to live

While the cruel world schemed against them

They found happiness with each other.


Linking up to BlogChatter Prompt Because I am Happy. This is not exactly me being happy, but it does try to spread some happiness, so the link-up.

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Next in the installment is 2 Songs. For earlier posts in this series check here

2 Songs

2 Songs

Oh! This is such a tough one. I have a huge winding list of favourites πŸ˜› But two songs that really touched a cord are

  1. Badal pe pau hai, ya choota gaon hai from ChakDe
  2. Baby you are a firework by Katty Perry from Firework

Both the songs talk about looking at the brighter side, believing in the best versions of ourselves and sky is the limit if you believe in yourself. Love these as they have the power to pull you out of the darkest corners.

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#10DayYouChallenge : 3 films

three films

Next in this #BloggingChallenge is 3 Films. If you wish to see earlier posts in this series visit here

3 Films

  1. 12 Angry Men This was a movie that I watched on TV. Stumbled upon it while channel surfing. My hubby told me to watch it as I might enjoy it and I decided to give it a Go. It’s a black and white movie and the pace of the movie is what it was during that time. The story, the thought behind it is so powerful that it stays with you long after the movie is over. The simple underlying narrative of it is never just believe what you see, go with your gut. If you believe in something, don’t give up just because nobody else sees it that way.
  2. Harry Potter Series –Β My sister is a potterhead! I never really got around to reading the books, but I love the movies. I know all the potter fans will hate me for endorsing the movies, but I do enjoy the skill with which the special effects guys have brought the whole series to life. Compressing those voluminous books into sensible 3 hour movies, while bringing to life the whole fantasy world is not a small task and they have nailed it for me.
  3. A Wednesday –Β A beautiful hindi movie with a really strong message. Long before there was a global war against terrorism, this movie looked at it from a sensitive angle and asked some very relevant questions that a common man would ask. What would happen if the common men around the world decided that enough was enough and decided to fight back? This movie attempts to delve into questions like these.
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The next in this series is books. To see earlier posts in this series click here Β 

4 books

4 Books

  • The Firm- A gripping law thriller that is just hard to put down. I wrote a guest post about my favorite book on November’s Child, you can read more about it there.
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird – I read it when I was just realizing that there are a lot of invisible divisions in this ‘united world’ It gave me a great perspective.
  • The Alchemist – My go to book when I have self-doubts and feel like I am losing my focus
  • Connecting the Dots – An inspirational book. It’s a collection of true stories about laymen from various walks of life turning into entrepreneurs, mostly based on their determination and will.

What are your favorite books?

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The next installment of #10DayYouChallenge is 5Food. To check the earlier posts in this challenge check here

5 Food

  1. Chaat
  2. Pav Bhaji
  3. Misal
  4. Italian
  5. Chinese

I am not very creative when it comes to food πŸ˜› I love what 80% of the Indian’s love. Even Italian and Chinese are the desi versions that I have ever tasted, so I am not entirely sure how I would react to the authentic versions πŸ˜€


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10DayYouChallenge:6 Places

The next installment in this #Challenge is Places! I love travelling, especially if it is at my pace. So here goes

6 Places

6 Places

Norway – I want to see the Aurora or Northern Lights.

Chikmangluru/Coorg – A tiny coffee growers heaven in Coorg. Lovely place, extremely relaxed. Feels like life just went into first gear

Andaman’s – This is going to be my retirement home. I am in love with Andamans. The beaches, the quiet, the corals, natural beauty, everything is gorgeous about this place.

Singapore – This is an anti-climax to Andaman’s but loved the buzz here. There is something for everyone. I especially enjoyed the self-exploration of the city.

Forts in India – History comes alive when I visit the Forts. The strategy, the valour, the sacrifies, everything rushes past your eyes. Add to it a strong narrative by the local guide and you have a full fledged movie in your head.

My granny’s place –Β This is me at my nostalgic best! Everytime I go there, I feel I like I am time travelling. The old house still has numerous stories to share. There are innumerable hidden treasures that unravel everytime I go there. The trees, the house and everything around it envelopes me into a warm hug, everytime I go there. I am a kid again.

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It’s day four and time for 7Wants. You can check the earlier secrets,loves and fears here

7 wants

7 Wants

  1. I want a small house with a lovely garden surrounding it. With big fruit bearing and flowering trees.
  2. I want a swing on my porch!
  3. I want to travel the world, read books and get paid for it πŸ˜€
  4. I want to see the Aurora/Northern Lights
  5. I want to open a make your own dessert store. Where like a sub, you pick what combo you wish for and your dessert is ready!
  6. I want to learn to sing
  7. I want to support atleast one child’s education
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Eight Fears

Day3 of the #10DayYouChallenge is 8 Fears. If you wish to see Day1 and Day2, check here.

8 Fears

  1. I am scared of all crawly reptiles – lizards, chameleon and the likes
  2. I can’t watch horror movies. Even after repeating it like a zillion times that it’s all fake, I am jumpy and frayed for the next couple of days
  3. I feel weird in low-ceiling, compact places. I might be borderline claustrophobic.
  4. I can’t watch animals being harmed or anything. For the fear of being irresponsible and causing them harm, I have never had a pet.
  5. I have a weird fear of dogs! If it comes anywhere near me I turn into a stone.
  6. I stay away from dark places. If I can’t see where I am going, I am not interested in going.
  7. I fear making mistakes as a parent hence I am mostly part confused+part frustrated
  8. I can’t swim and hence am cautious when in water. Should take swimming lessons in 2017!
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10DaysYouChallenge :Nine Loves

Day 2 of the Challenge. The #BloggingChallenge was started by NovembersChild and I plan to complete this one! If you wish to read the earlier posts of this Challenge visit 10 Secrets.screenshot_20170104-085610_1

Nine Loves

  1. Love listening to romantic music. Soft, melodious ones.
  2. Love making things/things happen. Projects, art-work, recipes,stories anything.
  3. Love chaat and street food.
  4. Love watching re-runs of Friends and Big Bang Theory.
  5. Love the concept of Karma!
  6. Love reading thrillers.
  7. Love travelling.
  8. Love my kids! They drive me crazy but I wouldn’t change anything about them πŸ˜›
  9. Love lip-syncing to movies by turning the sound to mute with my crazy cousins.
    ( We are mad that way’s! Age no bar :P)