Digital Marketer by Chance..

I started working in the space of digital marketing as an added responsibility to being a copywriter. I enjoyed it and figured my way around it. I started off somewhere in 2008. The digital marketing space was very new then and people didn’t really trust it to offer conversions and clicks. I even attended a Google workshop in Bangalore and that’s when I was totally hooked to it, however, we didn’t have many clients who were interested in digital marketing.

Later I took a break for raising my kids and I couldn’t really focus on this emerging field, however, a seed was planted. When I did extra courses and certifications, I focused on this digital and content marketing. I completed my Masters in Mass Communication and also enrolled for Google certification to get more in-depth knowledge about it.

I write about my experiences and knowledge related to Digital Marketing on my blog. Today, I take freelance projects related to Digital Marketing.