The importance of having a set of well fit bras in your closet is undeniable whether you look at it from the aesthetic point of view or from the health side of things. A bra that fits you perfectly will not only boost your confidence infinitely by enhancing all of your outfits but it will also keep your posture elegant, your neck and back pain free, and your breasts well supported. An ill fitting bra, however, can give rise to a whole lot of spinal problems in the future and it will offer little to no support from the underside and the weight of your breasts will rest wholly on the shoulders straps. 

Studies have found out that one of the biggest reasons a big portion of the Indian female population has not yet invested in a good quality bra is because they do not know their size. Almost 80% of Indian women buy bras in the wrong size because they do not want to get it measured from an outsider, cannot find a good bra size calculator and also do not know how to. 

Here is how you can measure your bra size and find your cup size in 3 very simple steps:

Measure bra size at home
  • Band Size

The first step to finding out your exact bra is to find your band size. Band size is the measurement of your under bust, the area right under your breasts where the bra band sits. 

  1. Wrap your tape around your underbust snugly. Make sure there are no twists in between to get a correct reading. 
  2. Now, round off whatever number you get to the nearest whole number. For example, if it is 30.6 make it 31 and if it is 30.2 make it 30.
  3. Add 4 if it is an even number and 5 if it is an odd number.
  • Bust Size
  1. Wrap your tape around the fullest part of your breasts. Make sure it is levelled and not drooping or twisted in between. 
  2. Note down the numbers and round it off to the nearest whole number. 
  • Bra size calculator

This step will give you your cup size. 

  1. Once you have both the measurements, subtract the band size from the bust size. 
  2. If the difference is 1 inch your cup size is A; if it is 2 inches, your cup size will be B; if 3 then C and if the difference is 4 inches, D.  

So, if your band size is 34 and the difference between both sizes is 3, your size will be 34C. There you have it! 

Measuring your bra size is simple and can be done at home with ease. All you need is a tape! Now that you know your bra size, never go for anything that does not fit you like a glove, enjoy all the support that your well fitted bra lends your breasts and keep the backache at bay. Additionally, another factor that you need to take care of before choosing a bra is the quality of the fabric. Always make it a point to check the material and only opt for absorbent and light materials like cotton and microfibres for daily use. 

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