Being a Mom means being worried about multitude of things, especially if you live in a nuclear set-up. I was petrified of doing something wrong and causing harm to my kids and usually read up a lot when it came to taking decisions, however I always longed to hear what other mom’s feel and go through. Is everyone usually sorted and am I the only one blundering my way through motherhood, was something that nagged me. This is when I discovered many mommy bloggers and it was a boon for me. It was nice to know that being scared and worried isn’t something that’s unusual. When I read about other Mom’s worries, their fears, their ideas and cheat-sheets I realized I wasn’t alone. Mommy Blog is my space to add my two cents about such topics and connecting with other mommy bloggers who are in the same boat. I express my views, my tips, travel ideas and career and educational options that I know of, because education and career options for kids is a topic that I am passionate about.