I did my graduation in Commerce, but was never very keen about pursuing it further. I enjoyed the economic concepts, but didn’t know the various career options available. It was around this time, when I was totally confused about what to do next a professor advised me to look at Journalism as a career option. It sounded exciting and I decided to do some more research about it. I finally zeroed in on a Diploma in Journalism course and thoroughly enjoyed it. After the course, I did some freelance writing for TOI and later joined an online branding company, VizioHub in Bangalore. After more than 2 years of working, I decided to quit working full time when I had kids. My company offered me freelance content writing work, off and on and that satisfied me. Work trickled in and I had the freedom to say No, if there were time constraints. I never really looked for content creation work and it usually came from contacts. But now I have decided to put some effort when it comes to finding content writing jobs. I blog and write about various topics and you can see the same in Writer blog of my blog.

Here, I have written mini-stories , short stories and stories or thoughts on prompt and book reviews You can even check my portfolio to know more about my writing style.