Final exams are approaching near and almost all of the students are worried about their performance.
Most of you have the same question in your mind – that is how can I score great marks in my final
exams! And for this, you don’t even hesitate to use the different sources like the NCERT solutions
provided to you in the educational websites, the reference textbooks, taking tuitions and so on. But,
along with these, we have some important tips and tricks for you that are going to be very useful in
getting sufficient marks in your final exams.

Create a proper time schedule

Getting good marks in your final exams means scoring well
in all the subjects. For this, you have to prepare for each one of them perfectly well. That is
why it is important to divide your time according to a very precise schedule that enables you
to dedicate equal time to each topic and subject. This schedule will also prevent the end of
the moment rush and stress to cover the left out topics. So, prepare a schedule immediately
and study according to it without fail.

Give priority yo weaker subject and topics

Most of you have this habit of studying the
subjects you are expert in first and the difficult topics you leave for later. However, we
suggest that you prioritise the weaker sections first and dedicate a lot of time to these so
that you get a good amount on time revising them later.

Refer to only verified sources for help

Some of you refer to external educational sources
for studying and preparing for the exams better. But whether you are referring to the NCERT
solutions or any other application or website to support your studies better, check if the
source is verified and approved by the educational department. Also, are the answers or
solutions provided in that application or website is given by expert educators and so on.
Additionally, if the language of the matter is simple, it becomes easier for you to understand
and learn it for your exams.

Keep reading the text books

To prepare for your final exams in the best possible way,
concentrate more on your textbook. There is a reason why you are provided with a text
book for your each year’s studies and it fonts us all the information that is taught you in that
particular year. So, naturally, most of the questions in your exams are going to be based on
your text book. So, read it twice, thrice or at least four times in a year so that you are ready
for exams from the start!

Give regular test and revisions

It is important to take a test of your knowledge on the
subjects you have learn so that you know the important questions and concepts well and
how much you need to prepare for the same. Trying these tests also improves your
confidence. Most of the NCERT solutions that you use already have the sample papers in the
end. Apart from it, all the digests, educational applications and self study books have a
practice set and mock test in the end of their books which you can refer for the same.

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