When you culminate the live-action and the CG elements into one image, it is called visual effects or the VFX. You can see these fantastic visual effects in some of the most famous animated movies in the world. The three types of VFX effects are computer-generated imagery, motion capture, and composting. One can also avail of the image processing online course, which dictates all the best VFX effects. 

Following are some of the most unique VFX courses one can get hold of

Level up in the field of VFX with these fantastic courses

VFX: The complete Houdini Boot camp.

You might have stumbled across the word Houdini which is a VFX application. It is used in game studios as well as in 3D animation. The software helps create many high-quality effects, such as water, fire and explosion. When one reaches the end of this training, he will be able to learn how you can use it for making graphics and games. 


  • You can access it on mobile as well as on TV.
  • It has 14 articles.
  • It has 31 downloadable resources.

           The image processing online course helps you get to the depth of the subject.

Fundamentals of VFX.

This course has set the bar extremely high for VFX artists. This course teaches you to drop a 3D model in your composition. It also helps you adjust the contrast and change the colours in the most effective way possible. If you get hold of the course, you will be able to create visual effects that are realistic and which otherwise take a lot of time to complete. One can also avail of the image processing online course, which helps them understand the loopholes of VFX

Creating particle effects.

This one is the newest addition to the VFCX techniques, and it teaches you to create particle effects for realistic situations such as fire, explosions, smoke etc. In this online image processing course, you will learn to develop particles with built-in after-effect plugins. It also lets you adjust your appearance. The Image processing online course helps you understand things in great depth.

After Effects CC.

This course is the beginner’s guide to visual effects. This is the type of course which offers you a complete guide for every fresh perspective of VFX. This course also emphasizes exploring and understanding the effects. You can become a master of visual effects after learning this course. You can work and create complete projects using various graphics and effects.

Reliance Education.

This company is a Reliance Entertainment subsidiary and has been in the animation industry since 2009. The course assists the students in obtaining jobs and increasing their earning potential, and this one is an entirely fledge course with 600 hours of practical learning. One can learn image creation, texturing, VFX dynamics, 3D shading, VFX roto and many other things in the course.

VFX composting and after effects.

This course dictates the critical areas of visual effects production. However, it also explains complicated and technical concepts in a much easier way.

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