I was really looking forward to the summer vacations this year. Vacations are the times when we go to our native place, kids have ample open spaces to play and I actually have time to catch up on my reading. But this year with the Covid -19 pandemic looming large, we have been in lockdown and have been staying put in the house.

Due to this lockdown, a lot of things changed in and around the house. Particularly everything became more technology-driven and my reading is no different. I have been exploring kindle and audible/ audiobooks for reading.

Kindle Reading

While this is not something new, I actually never put in enough effort to shift. I mean it was easier to just book the book from the shelf and start reading. But with the current lockdown, I started actively searching for books online and downloading them. I read when I am in bed or early morning before I start my day.

Audible /Audiobooks

This is something that I recently explored and I am definitely enjoying the experience. I came across an article about the rise in audiobooks and that’s what made me check out this method. This is a great way for me to catch up on stories and books that I might have not been able to in the current times, without really dedicating separate time for it.

I have Amazon Audible and I usually listen to books when I am cooking or mopping or doing some other household chore. This way I can work while doing my favourite activity of reading.  Agreed that technically I am not the one who is reading here, but this is more like grandma’s stories. Even if you don’t read the stories you feel like you are living them, when it is narrated to you in an impactful way.

Reading in the times of COVID- Kindle v/s Audiobooks

I find Audible better than Kindle for a few reasons

  1. In the current scenario, when finding time for reading is a luxury, I can listen to the stories while working. In kindle, however, I still need to hold the kindle and read to be really enjoying it.
  2. Audiobooks, when narrated by professionals, can be an amazing experience. I truly enjoyed some of the narrations.
  3. There is a risk if the narrator isn’t really impactful. It can truly ruin the experience of the book and might make you leave it mid-way.
  4. Good audiobooks aren’t free while there are a lot of free books available on Kindle
  5. There are a lot of audiobooks subscription sites, but you really aren’t sure which ones are good till you subscribe, and if you don’t enjoy the experience it could be wasted money.
  6. Kindle can be stressful to the eye, whereas audiobooks can be heard via headphones or even in cars!
Reading in the times of COVID- Kindle v/s Audiobooks

While nothing beats the rush of picking the latest arrival from the shelf and reading it; audiobooks and kindle are definitely helping many of us cope with the anxiety arising from this lockdown. My reading habits have definitely changed because of this lockdown and I will continue to use audio-books even after things stabilize as this is a great way for me to experience stories. 

Have you read/heard any audiobooks? How was your experience? Have you found a method to continue reading while managing a lot of extra work? Share in comments below. Let’s exchange ideas for the benefit of all.

22 Replies to “Reading in the times of COVID- Kindle v/s Audiobooks”

  1. Reading is always a pleasure and the medium of books has evolved with technology and time. Audio Books are interesting, though personally I feel that nothing can replace the pleasure of curling up with a physical book.

  2. Kindle versus audiobooks versus hardback or paperback that debate is never ending..i am a voracious reader and i feel if a book is good enough no matter what the media used the reader stays glued to the books. I have an inclination for audiobooks too and i usually listen to marathi books while working

  3. I am not into audio books too much but it seems to an amazing way to spend time fruitfully. Thanks for sharing more about it with comparions… Will check.

  4. I am not much of a reader… But I really enjoy reading rather than listening… Although I agree that good narrators can make it an amazing experience…

  5. Happy to know that you are more into audiobooks, I haven’t tried any audiobook till date, But would love to experience them too. Kindle though is my favourite.

  6. Audio or audible books sounds like great idea during lockdown. Like you said we can listen to it while doing our house hold chores

  7. Audio books is good way to keep us engage during lockdown. Like you said we can listen while doing our work

  8. I didnt know that now audible books are also available. I would love to read/ hear one for sure. Kindle anyways is not my kind of product.

  9. It is a good debate to be done. People were getting used to kindle reading and the concept of audio book took place. And as per your post audiobook is clear winner over kindle.

  10. Honestly, I never heard of Audiobooks. They will be useful at the time of doing household chores to make the work comfortable. I always switch on music on my phone when cooking, now I can enjoy listening my favorite fictions.

  11. Yes. Audio books are mind of revolutionising the whole reading scene; i too have started warming up to them & they are kind of therapeutic & comes with time management.

  12. An interesting article. I have been unsure about getting onto the audio books bandwagon because as you rightly mention, it is more expensive, however, it may be worth trying out for the convenience of listening to a book while doing a simpler chore/task.

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