I was intrigued by the title and hence picked this book. Nobody calls a regular person a hero and so I wanted to understand what Robin Sharma meant when he said Everyday Hero. I have not read any books from Robin Sharma so this was my first experience reading a book by him. Also I am not very high on picking up motivational books, so the genre itself was new to me.


While the book blurb is a detailed one, I am just touching on the important aspects that I found interesting when I decided to pick this book. It claims to provide powerful practices to upgrade your energy amplify your vitality and extend your longevity so you materialize your sovereign genius. A blue print for making true masterwork that leads your field and illuminates coming generations and neuroscience based techniques to turn troubles into triumphs.

Book Review

The Everyday Hero Manifesto starts on a very personal note. It is an attempt by Robin Sharma to show the everyday influences that we have in our life and the everlasting effect that they have on our life and thinking.

I liked the way he has included the personal stories around these everyday heroes and the way they influenced him. These are people like the school teacher who encouraged him or the mentor at his work who advised him.

As the book progresses, at times the name dropping seems forced. We know that Robin Sharma is a leading leadership and personal mastery expert in the country. He has coached leaders of some of the biggest companies in the world, so him dropping names of people seems promotional and unnecessary.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto also had some wisdom nuggets that I had heard my grandparents say over the years. While they couldn’t explain the underlying theory for this, the effect was the same.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto Review

My grandmother always asked us to talk positive things, her explanation was that God is always blessing us and if we say negative or doubtful things then it will come true as he blessed us when we said it. I found it funny then, but today when we hear so much about manifestation of thoughts, I can’t help but wonder how true my granny’s words were. Robin Sharma too talks about not using negative connotation to good things that you do or that others do.

Another interesting concept that I saw explained was the ‘Neki Kar Dariya main Daal’ statement. As children we grew up listening to this idiom and saw it being practiced by my grandparents. Robin Sharma’s greatest influence, his father asked him to ‘Serve Others’

It is these people and their way of life that forms the crux of ‘The Everydday Hero Manifesto’. I liked the motivational stories of various well-known personalities as that makes the reader hopeful. There are also a lot of implementable strategies to improve our daily life. All in all a good read, probably for someone like me who is just dabbling in the genre for the first time. I did hear from other friends that they liked his other book the 5 am Club better, but I haven’t read that so can’t comment on that.

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  1. I liked author’s approach of connecting it to real life events. I like self-help books which relate to reality and do not sound verbose. I haven’t read Robin Sharma’s books. But have heard the audio summary of 5 am Club.

  2. I have never read any of his books but would love to . The motivational stories of well-known personalities would make it an interesting read.

  3. Robin Sharma is the Guru of all self-help books. What he writes is very relevant to our day to day life. Thank you for this wonderful review. I haven’t read this yet and will get it now.

  4. The fact about speaking positive words revolves around the vibrations it creates around us and in our brain. Manifestation if practised in the right manner can be the most powerful tool for your life.

  5. I loved the title and concept of book. I feel addition of personal experience is a great touch from author. it will make book more relatable and helpful. thanks Neha for sharing your honest review.

  6. Robin Sharma is one of my favourite author. Hero cannot be made in a day and person needs to work each day for it, liked the theme of the book and how beautifully it asks us to takeup responsibilities each day without expectations.

  7. It is important for us to keep a positive mindset and look at things in a positive way. A book like this, will surely help in our journey to a positive life and mindset.

  8. I have read Robin Sharma’s Monk who sold his ferrari and loved it. This books sounds really good, I also feel serve others or the best satisfaction one can get is when they contribute back to the society in some or the other way. Inspirational stories of great people would be really motivating to read. will grab my copy soon.

  9. I have never read from the author, as this is not my genre. I usually read fiction but sometimes such interesting and motivating book bring a new perspective to life.

  10. I haven’t read any of his books while this one seems interesting. Yes, we get inspired much from real life heroes. They may be our teachers, someone from our family or friends. Basically, I read fictions. However I would like to read such a motivational book. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I’m not a huge fan of this genre but I do intend to read The Everyday Hero Manifesto by Robin Sharma. Motivational books like these ought to be read and distributed widely.

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