How to keep your online marketing fresh and buzzing

Keep things Zingy Zingy means keeping things buzzing and new. Social media marketing or digital marketing is something that is continuously evolving. There will be new changes and adaptations to the channels and this means that you need to keep your eyes and ears open. Staying on top of these changes will help you device new ways of […]

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Tips for small businesses to start digital marketing

Xtra Tips for small business digital marketing efforts As a small business owner or owner of a startup you have a lot of things on your mind when your business is just taking off. There will always be a few things you would be be aware of, a few things you that you master in, and a few elements that you might not […]

Is Pinterest useful for India

Is Pinterest useful in India? Pinterest is a visual bookmarking and discovery engine which is kind of a cross between social platform and a search engine. Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing social media networks and has more than 175 million active users globally. Another interesting fact about Pinterest is at 70% of its audience is female. Now […]

Optimization of digital assets tips for small businesses

Optimizing your digital assets for business

click Optimizing your digital assets for business is the first step towards online success. Optimization means utilizing the platform in such a way that you get optimum results. Normally in terms of online business the common Optimization that you hear is SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. What we are saying here is we are optimizing […]

6 Important tips for new businesses planning to start social media marketing

Congratulations! on taking the plunge in the entrepreneurial world. Establishing a new business is a tough job. Resources and cash flow are limited and hence there is usually an urge to try and do everything on your own. You feel you have a Facebook and Twitter a/c, and almost all knowledge resources are available online, […]