How I am helping my children be Thankful for Food #ThankyouNote

Being Thankful for Food- A thought that nobody thinks about

In my growing up years, one thing that my mom practiced and still continues to do so is be grateful for the food you eat by saying a small prayer at the end of the meal “Anna Daata Sukhi Bhava” meaning the one who gave me food be blessed and content!

Being Thankful for Food

As I grew up I started understanding the complete meaning of this simple sentence and realized the importance of it.When I end my meal with a thought of gratitude, I can never waste it. I will always be mindful of the effort that goes into bringing it on my plate. I am blessing so many people with that single sentence! Right from the farmers, to the person cooking the meal for me. When you realize the big chain of people and the effort that goes into making a single meal, will you ever be able to call names to it or waste it?

Don’t Waste

Right from my childhood, my mom made sure that we knew the importance of food. There was no wasting food and there was no ‘I hate this food’ Her logic was simple – You need food to live! Without food, you are nothing, so you cannot hate it or waste it. I follow the same principal at my home. My children need to try everything that is served. They could take a teaspoon full of it and if they don’t like it, need not take the next helping of it, but out rightly rejecting something based on its looks or taking heaps of food just to throw it in the dustbin is not allowed.

Thankful for food that we eat
Simple ideas to help children respect and be thankful for food

1. Start by saying this prayer at the end of the meal “Anna Daata Sukhi Bhava”. Explain the meaning of it and the whole chain of people who fall under the blanket word “Anna Daata”
2. Enforce the take small helpings rule in the house.
3. Avoid force-feeding your child or guests in the name of hospitality. Wasted food and upset stomach don’t really mean great hospitality.
4. Talk to them about the food shortage that the world is facing and how climate change is affecting farmers. Make them realize the efforts that go into bringing that produce in your house.
5. Most children have climate change in their syllabus. Connect how wasting food is adding to carbon footprint.
6. Take them to the mandi’s, grocery stores and even fields if possible to help them understand the chain of people involved and the humongous effort that goes into it.
7. Educate them about the amount of work you and other family members put in to buy and make that food.

#ThankYouNote to my home #ThankfulThursday

Buying a house is a breeze nowadays, but that wasn’t true earlier. I had seen my parents struggle to get their home. A friend’s dad invested in a plot of land, but the dealer was a fraud and he ran off with all the money. Heartaches related to important investments like home can be stressful and emotionally tormenting. After seeing such incidents at close quarters, we were extremely cautious when we were buying our house. Our first home was the result of a lot of research and thought.

After looking at many projects, we finally zeroed in on this house. The project had the right mix of open spaces and spacious homes, while being close to daily needs and offices. The moment we saw it, we knew we had to make it our own.

Home is where the heart is

I still remember the day we signed on the dotted line. There was happiness, but there was also the realization of additional responsibility. While the project took off on a great start, due to some unavoidable circumstances the possession was delayed. We were a worried lot, as though the builder was of good repute, delayed possession meant the burden of EMI and rent. Thankfully all went well and we got our apartment.

When we got our possession, we went around town looking for good furniture and furnishings that fit our budget. We explored millions of designs online and in stores and zeroed in on what worked design and budget wise. After the initial research we preferred hiring a carpenter and getting the furniture done the way we liked it.

We shouldered all the responsibilities on our own – getting the material, the carpenters, the paints and all that, but it was a fun and memorable experience. We felt the joy of making an apartment our home, giving it a bit of our identity and persona. Every piece in my home has a story to it and each time I see it, a smile appears on my face.

Our bundle of joy started walking here and made new friends. She was at her naughty best here and also developed a mature persona. This house has been witness to the many joyous occasions and also a few achievements.

I have a lot to be thankful for this house. It has been an abode of happiness, peace and contentment and that’s what I wish it to be for years to come. #ThankyouHome