Music as a promising career – Interview with Priti Talwalkar #BlogchatterProjects

Singing or music has come into limelight with all the numerous singing competitions that have the capability of making someone a star overnight, however what goes behind the success is what we are here to see today. I met up with Mrs. Priti Talwalkar, a professional classical and light music vocalist to understand what it […]

Contest Alert-Spot a Tigor and Win

So Happy Mommies, with kids back to school and husbands in their offices what are you doing with your new found freedom? Binge watching, shopping, kitty parties are so passé. How about getting a free makeover? Sound’s interesting isn’t it? All you need to do is click a selfie. And who doesn’t love clicking […]

Captain Gopinath Audio Visual

Captain Gopinath fought the Bangalore elections as an independent candidate in 2009. We helped create an audio visual about him and his campaign to communicate with people his vision and his plan. We wanted people to realize that he represents the aspirations of the common man. The AV was about a regular day in Captain’s […]