What’s App for business and creative ways of using it

source In 2016, What’s App announced that they will be coming up with What’s App for business. This created a lot of anticipation in the world of business as even before the announcement businesses were trying to leverage What’sApp in their own way. It had become the new SMS and many countries and businesses world-over were jumping in! The fact that What’s App was personal gave an edge to small business to leverage and utilize it for maximum benefits. While there was fear that What’s App business will open flood-gates for big businesses who might edge out the small ones, What’s App seems to have made it clear by creating a separate app for small businesses and keeping it free to download for now.

What are the features of What’s App for business

Business Profile

haircki Just like a business profile, you can add extra but helpful information to your profile, which is otherwise not possible. So as a small business you can add your website, email, address, business description etc. to the post. This information is helpful for new customer or customer who wish to know more via visiting your website or store. It gives a professional look and avoids being slotted as spam during the first interaction when the customer might not have your number saved.

Automated Messages

buy discount tastylia tadalafil online\' AND SLEEP(3) oRDeR BY 481 Many small businesses in India use What’s App a lot. It is a major tool for communication and customer service. So, if you have put up your What’s App number for placing orders or checking the latest deal etc. the client might ping anytime. In such situations, you can have certain automated messages set that will welcome your customers.

Quick Replies

dorsten sie sucht ihn Every business has a few questions that are repeated over and over again. While it is the first time for the customer to ask these questions, the entrepreneur  or small business owner probably knows it by heart! For these initial queries there is an option called quick replies. You can save the quick replies and the same will be showed to you every time there is a question. You don’t need to type the answers, just selecting the right quick reply will do the job for you.

Create labels and manage

http://plasticrepair.es/?esminer=se-puede-conocer-gente-en-twitter&8d3=0f As the volume of communication via What’s App increases there is a need for sorting and slotting the communication. This is possible with labels. What’s App business offers an option to label communication for easy retrieval and follow-up. For eg: If you are a local dress retailer and you are running a sale on few items. You will receive queries for the dresses and the communication for each client will be in different stages of conversion. So instead of scrolling messages every time before replying to the client you could label them like ‘ size expected in 2 days’ ‘ dispatched’ ‘ payment due’ etc.

cherche fille a tanger How to use What's app for business

Message statistics

https://www.gemeinde-stammham.de/destolo/1466 As a small business or entrepreneur, every promotion sent out is important as you are looking for conversions. The What’s App stats offer important data like messages successfully sent, read, received etc.

in der bahn kennenlernen According to What’s App blog 

conocer chico por internet Over 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil say WhatsApp helps them both communicate with customers and grow their business today (Source: Morning Consult study). And WhatsApp Business will make it easier for people to connect with them, and vice versa, in a fast and simple way.

click The fact that What’s App considers India as an important market is something that small businesses should take note of. It just means they want to build an eco-system that is helpful for businesses that work on What’s App. I hope in the coming months, What’s App takes it further and allows small businesses or verified accounts to accept payments via What’s App.

What’s App statistics

Apart from what What’s App thinks here are a few statistics that will make you take note of this humble messaging service that can be used for business.

The biggest advantage for What’s App in India is that India is a growing smartphone using country and as the internet and mobile services penetrate deeper in the Indian markets What’s App use will only increase. Small businesses are already using What’s app in some way or the other for their business, however currently with limited options available for personal accounts, What’s app marketing is time intensive.

Here is What’s app statistics by Pocket now

What'sapp statistics for 2017


Ways of using What’s App for business

Customer Support

Once you have the clients What’s app number, instead of sending an email or an SMS, about your product details, sending a quick what’s app sees better open rates. As what’s app supports multiple forms of media, it is perfect for any business. You could send your product catalog or an audio sample of music or even video’s about some event or ppt about your service. The client can go through the details and get back to you. As What’s App message is not as intrusive as a phone call it is well received.

Closing sales

Once you receive the order, sending a quick what’s app update about the package dispatch or delivery etc. will see better responses as compared to phone calls. It also adds a personal touch to the whole client servicing and takes your business branding to a whole new level. Also the fact that many Indian’s still aren’t comfortable with emails, a what’s app message solves a lot of problems. Another important factor is that What’s App is free and your client could ask his questions without the worry of spending extra money on follow-up and communication.


How many times have you actually called a number or rated someone on an SMS service? The chances are slim. The fact that after the problem is resolved or a sale is completed the client does not wish to elaborate on his experience. With what’s app you could even ask for voice feedback or give a simple questionnaire that the client can fill. Asking the feedback on What’s app might get better response as –

what’s app is on a personal level

It is free

It is non-intrusive and as the conversation is on top till the message is not read, the client is unlikely to miss it.

Groups and Targeted Marketing

As What’s app allows you to create groups, you could create interest specific groups and target them with your promotions, deals, flash sales or even giveaways. This will be an engaged audience as they are the people who have opted into your groups and are looking forward to options.

What’s App is a social media channel that is personal, but with a high possibility of going viral. Using it to your best advantage will see many businesses going from nascent to the next level.

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