Why small businesses should be on Quora

Small business guide to quora

We all have questions but what do you do when you have questions and maybe Google does not have a straight answer? You head to Quora! Quora is an answering website, where someone can ask a question and people who are expert in that will answer. Others who read the answer will vote it thereby authenticating the usefulness of the answer.

Why do we need Quora?

Quora for any other answering site for that matter is there and thriving for the simple reason that not all questions will have a straight answer on Google. For example – google might have long long articles about how to choose a good digital marketing agency or maybe how best to bake cakes or how to find the best Baker, but if you are looking for the best Baker or how to find a good digital marketing agency, you can rely on Quora to get better answers.

Quora gets you specific answers which is vetted by local experts and community members. This unique quality of quora makes it essential for bloggers, personal brands, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

How to use Quora

The most interesting thing for businesses is the fact that they are in touch with the pulse of their community.
At Quora you have your probable customers, your competitors, your brand advocates and naysayers all in one place. It is the perfect place to gather intelligence, learn something new, get genuine feedback and much more.

Tips for businesses to use Quora


One of the most important things that a small business should do is include Quora in their social monitoring plan. Doing a Regular search will throw up the kind of questions people are asking around your product or service or even your brand.
This will probably give you great ideas for your next blog posts, how to videos, or even product development. The possibilities are endless and you can continue refining the objective as you gather intelligence.

Be the expert

It’s a good idea to participate in the conversations rather than just listen. Establishing yourself as an authority in a particular field will help promote your brand or services. If you are a writer, answering queries regularly about writing will not only established you as an expert, readers from your genre will definitely look you up and maybe buy your books.

Soft sell

You can even soft sell your products or services if there are questions revolving around it. The fact that somebody is asking a question around a particular product or service, means that he is genuinely interested and is a probable buyer. Offer him a solution in detail and explain how your product or service can offer the remedy that he is looking for. You can even provide links to relevant web pages. The key here is to remember not to over promote yourself as then you will come across a spammy.

New ideas

Is a great place to get inspiration. See the kind of questions that are being asked around your topic. Offer solutions if you have them ready, else it works as fodder for your next blog post, video, podcast or even training’s.


The more you answer on Quora around your relevant topics, you will be considered an authority in that field. As your answers are voted, they are seen as the most relevant answer to the question asked. How is this linked to Search you say? Well when someone asks a pointed question, your answer is bound to show up as Quora is search engine friendly. This means that you can grab eyeballs on some otherwise impossible keywords! Now isn’t that great for your brand?

Here is an example of a simple question – Where do I find forums for start-ups in Bangalore? As the question is specific and targeted, when I enter this on Google, the first thing that is listed is the question with similar sentiment! As a reader looking for knowledge or information this is gold! Imagine if you are that helpful entrepreneur arranging meet-up’s in Bangalore, this person will definitely connect with you.

Quora is not a hard selling platform. It was started with the idea of finding answers and as a small business or brand, you should remember the core function. Excessive self-promotion, spamming with incorrect links, offering un-related answers are frowned upon. Start with the intention of spreading knowledge and being helpful and you will see a lot of benefits from Quora.

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