Another festival… another blast,

Another family ripped apart and another story left incomplete!

It seems like no festival can be celebrated with joy

But why? Is all I can ask…

If you look back, right from the birth of civilization, things like religion, rituals, god, festivals, et al. is man made. We created it to be a better species as compared to animals. But Are we? Today is the time to introspect. Aren’t the animals better? They follow a simple form of code, when it comes to territory and choices. No one tries to force their beliefs on the other, nor do they interfere in other animals habitat.

There are anywhere between 2 million to 50 million animal species, yet we have never heard of them fighting each other over any issues. We are one species – The Humans! Supposedly more intelligent and more resourceful yet we have been baying for each others blood for a range of reasons. Most of the times the reasons are just a cloak to hide the real hideous reasons linked to power or money.

Has the invention of money and god been the biggest mistakes of human race? I am still figuring out, if you have similar ideas do comment.


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