Every year India celebrates #DaanUtsav , the festival of giving and people from all walks of life come together to make it a grand success. Every year we donate clothes, books and toys that we can to this noble cause and it’s heartening to see it is growing bigger and bigger with each passing year, with more corporate’s pitching in.

However, I am not writing about that, I am writing about the time when my daughter found joy with #DaanUtsav, the festival of giving. As Diwali is nearing, we took our kid shopping. Diwali means new clothes, sweets and fun. My daughter was looking forward to it. While we were shopping, my daughter came across this #Daan Utsav poster and carton full of clothes, books and toys.

She asked me what was this all about and when I explained her the concept of Daan Utsav, she suddenly looked around in wonderment. So you mean to say, so many people have given their toys, books and dresses so that others too can have a happy Diwali? She asked. When I nodded in affirmative, she ran to her father and insisted on going home. We assumed she might be tired and came back home.

The next day, when my kid came back from school, she had already sorted her dresses, books and toys. When I asked her what she was upto, she replied “These are the things that I am giving away this Diwali! I have even told my friends and all of us will be donating our things” Isn’t Diwali all about joy of giving? She quipped.

These wise words from my primary schooler made me proud and happy. My daughter had not only understood the real meaning of Diwali gifting, but had also found the real joy in life through #DaanUtsav

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  1. what a wonderful initiative. Acknowledging and empathizing with the lesser fortunate is a value needed to be passed on to the next generation. 🙂 I hope to do this with my kids too.

  2. This is such a sweet anecdote! Your daughter makes me feel more optimistic about the next generation. Sending her virtual hugs and thanks for spreading the joy this festive season.

  3. Awesome initiative indeed. I really liked the way she understood the concept you explained. Nice example for all parents and kids.

  4. It must be a very proud moment for you to see your daughter being so thoughtful and matured to give away her stuff for a cause. More blessings for her.

  5. In a world which is largely self centric, your daughter’s thoughts and actions are nothing less than heroic. I am so glad you are teaching her to be selfless and find joy in other people’s happiness.

  6. This was so wonderful to read. It actually made me remember the ‘blessing’ culture in Singapore when I was pregnant with Karma. And honestly, before that I was always the ‘sell secondhand stuff’ kinda person but seeing the blessing culture there totally turned that around for me and now I firmly practice pass it on. Guess we are never too old to learn the right things and it’s just so amazing that you have started teaching your daughter… or rather she herself has taken such an interest in it herself. Hats off! 🙂

  7. This is really great Neha. Diwali is all about the gift of giving and I am glad you are involving your kids in this. and they understood too.

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