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Karva-chauth a story of faith

She got up before sunrise and went  to meet her mom-in-law,

Hesitantly, her mom-in-law gave her the Sargi.

She had been fasting the whole day, like she did every year, but this year was different

While she went about her daily routine, her ears were glued to the radio set in the kitchen.

Every ring on the mobile, saw her rush towards the phone and a second later witness her crestfallen face.

She smiled as her toddler hugged her, but the worry lines never left her face,

She was decked up like a new bride, but the happiness was missing.

A look at her and her mother-in-law had no words,

She simply hugged her daughter-in-law who was now more than a daughter to her.

She prayed and begged in front of the Gods, but

This Air-force wife refused to lose hope

It had been more than 24 hours since the chopper crashed in the mountains, with no updates about the crew on board.

This Karva Chauth was more about faith than a ritual

My salute to the brave wives and families of  our armed forces.

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61 Replies to “Karva Chauth, a story of faith – #writebravely”

  1. This made me choke, Neha. How incredibly hard it must be to keep a happy face for the sake of her toddler and mil when she’s herself fearing for the worst! 🙁

    1. Thanks Anagha! I guess all rituals were more about faith and hope than anything else. Somewhere down the line they got rigid and bigger than the emotion

  2. Indeed it was more about faith than a ritual! My god how traumatic it can be for the armed forces families at such news. And most of the times they are not updated due to security reasons. I cant imagine a life like this and have a lot of respect for women who opt out for this life!!

    1. True Shalini! All we can do is show compassion and support these strong women. Their story too needs to be told

  3. Very beautifully you penned down the feelings and emotions of wife of an armed man in this post. I feel very proud not only for army men but more for their courageous wives who let their husbands to go and fight for our nation. Even I can’t do this. Very touching and heartbreaking post. Feels so bad for her.

  4. Really a salute to army wives.. We have our partners with us all the time but their partners are away for the security of all of us..

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