Youthful – Age is just a number

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Amar was up before dawn

Setting his tripod and waiting with bathed breath

He wished to shoot the valley as the first rays of sun kissed them

By the time, he was half way through setting up his equipment,

His frequently irregular apprentice hobbled in, blabbering excuses

Amar gestured the apprentice to be quiet and continued his work

He seemed to be in a meditative state focusing all his energy on his current work

As the first rays emerged, he was ready, clicking away his masterpiece.

Once the shoot was over and the team packed up

Amar went over to apprentice, informing him that he was no longer needed

The apprentice begged and pleaded for him to continue, explaining that he had been sleep deprived

But Amar was in no mood to listen; he simply informed his decision and walked off to his car

As is the case with any emotionally charged outburst, the apprentice started accusing Amar of being senile and non accommodative 

That’s when an old hand at Amar’s studio took the apprentice aside and calmed him down

He simply explained “A master artist isn’t born; it takes years of discipline, dedication to the craft and continuous learning.

This 60 year old award winning photographer is always updated about the latest trends in his craft and has dedicated his life to it.

He is up anytime to shoot his beloved pictures, while managing the many personal and social engagements. Learn and imbibe rather than finding excuses.

Don’t accuse him for your lack of dedication and energy; he at 60 is more youthful than three 20 something’s like you put together.”

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2 thoughts on “Youthful – Age is just a number

    Debbie D.

    (April 30, 2017 - 10:40 pm)

    Speaking as a 62-year-old, I enjoyed this post a lot. 🙂 So many young people think we are ‘past it’, but little do they know!


    (May 2, 2017 - 10:12 pm)

    its true that staying updated and following a routine and discipline makes peeps younger than most!!! Cheers

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