The Cradle

Curious of all the commotion in the neighboring room, a heavily pregnant Pooja went in to have a look

She saw numerous beautiful wooden toys, silverware and an exquisite handcrafted cradle!

That’s the cradle of Amey’s grandfather! Amey himself and now Amey’s child will play in this cradle, her MIL beamed.

Pooja was stunned looking at all the treasures and listening to the memories her MIL was rattling away looking at various things in the room.

Pooja had been skeptical about delivering the baby in the ancestral home. It was in a small town with good hospitals around, but she was vying for the luxury hospital in the city.

Pooja could see a baby Amey in the cradle, as her MIL shared beautiful memories.

In that moment she realized, the warmth of memories and love of people would be the best luxury she could offer her baby.

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38 Replies to “The Cradle”

  1. Beautifully conceptualized and written on photo fiction. Loved the thoughts on family bonding as the best luxury a mother can offer her child.

  2. That is a beautiful short story. It touched a chord within. It is so important to realise the true value of relationships.

  3. Awww how beautifully you penned it down. The memories, feelings emotions are all the treasures of human life 🙂

  4. Ohhh yes and my MIL got the same silver ware for my son which my husband used as a kid and his jewellery was the most touching gift ever..sometimes we need to let go our apprehensions to realise the beauty of life

  5. that’s so right, Neha. none of the worldly wonders can be compared to the love and affection one can expect and get from family. and esp, when one is pregnant. the oozing love, care, and pampering is just so heartwarming. lovely take, Neha. Cheers!

  6. What a beautiful take ! Took me back to the time we had when Haniya was born and we went through a similar phase

  7. Beautiful! Very heartwarming. I had similar thoughts when I was given such kind of things for my kids from my mum and mother in law.

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