Thanksgiving Special – A Thankyou Note to my Friends

I was/am (a bit confused here!) an extrovert. Making friends, planning and going out, conducting events etc was never a problem for me. It came as second nature; hence there was never a dearth of friends or people whom I could confide in.

I always had different set of friends that I would hangout with and find time for. There were school friends, class friends, building friends, dad’s friend’s kids group and so on. I met and observed a myriad of emotions, thought processes and behaviors. Some struck a chord and stayed on, while some faded away.

But as I grew older, I saw a marked difference in my attitude. It was not that I met some terrible people that changed my attitude towards life and friendship. No Bollywood inspired story here! I guess, Life happened, nothing else!

I no longer wished to make friends. It’s not that I have become anti-social it’s just that I don’t feel that it’s a necessity. I am happy in my world. I take time to connect and if I do, then that is for life. Right from when I was a kid, I have a few handful of friends that are my 2am buddies. Those numbers on my phone, I can call any day and know that they will listen, find time for me and be my rock if I need. They have the same trust in me!

Funnily, none of these close friends, will you find on my recent call list! The other day, I called one such girlfriend and the first thing she said was “Is everything all right or are you in town?” So we either call to catch-up in person or when we are in a mess 😛

These are the people who have left deep impressions on me and have shaped me in one way or the other. Today, most of us are around similar mile-stones in life and are part of celebrations or problems of each-others life. We might not be highly active on What’s app or the staying in touch business, but we know we stay in each other’s mind and prayers. What more could a true friendship mean? Thanking all my friends who know the deepest secrets and the happiest moments of my life.

Thanksgiving Special – A Thankyou Note to my Friends

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4 Replies to “Thanksgiving Special – A Thankyou Note to my Friends”

  1. Very detailed post. I too had different set of friends to suit the need and place. I totally connected with your post. Over a period of time I have also restricted myself and love being with me.

  2. We stay in each other’s mind and prayers. that’s the power of friendship.I believe I have great friends I make friends even now.Maybe because people interest me a lot.But I definitely don’t have time for drama.This was a heartfelt musing.You my dear are a very wise lady.

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