three films

Next in this #BloggingChallenge is 3 Films.

3 Films

  1. 12 Angry Men#10DayYouChallenge : 3 films This was a movie that I watched on TV. Stumbled upon it while channel surfing. My hubby told me to watch it as I might enjoy it and I decided to give it a Go. It’s a black and white movie and the pace of the movie is what it was during that time. The story, the thought behind it is so powerful that it stays with you long after the movie is over. The simple underlying narrative of it is never just believe what you see, go with your gut. If you believe in something, don’t give up just because nobody else sees it that way. This movie is also shown as part of leadership and communications training
  2. Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection#10DayYouChallenge : 3 films My sister is a potterhead! I never really got around to reading the books, but I love the movies. I know all the potter fans will hate me for endorsing the movies, but I do enjoy the skill with which the special effects guys have brought the whole series to life. Compressing those voluminous books into sensible 3 hour movies, while bringing to life the whole fantasy world is not a small task and they have nailed it for me.
  3. A Wednesday !#10DayYouChallenge : 3 films A beautiful hindi movie with a really strong message. Long before there was a global war against terrorism, this movie looked at it from a sensitive angle and asked some very relevant questions that a common man would ask. What would happen if the common men around the world decided that enough was enough and decided to fight back? This movie attempts to delve into questions like these.

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    1. I know most of those who read Harry Potter have the same opinion 🙂 including my sister. She has a mini depression every time she watches a movie 😀

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