I came across this on Sirimiri’s blog and found it super fun! I have never participated in a #BlogChallenge and decided to give this one a go. So here goes

10 Secrets

  1. I hog sweets! Being a vegetarian, if I don’t get decent options while travelling I survive on desserts.
  2. I hate all kinds of zombie/aliens and weird creatures movies.
  3. I listen to music when I am working, even dance (I am no -way a good dancer, my dancing skills are limited to moving my body parts, hopefully to the rhythm :P)
  4. I am not fussy about anything.Live and let Live is the mantra.
  5. Extremely lazy to go to a beauty parlor.(Never ever ask for fashion and beauty tips from me :P)
  6. Will wear anything that’s absolutely comfortable. (With two kids, my standard dressing style is a jeans, comfy long top and sneakers :I)
  7. When in need of motivation- I bake!
  8. The first thing I notice about people are their eyes.
  9. I day dream a lot and most end with me turning into a celebrity 😀
  10. Yearn for a day without kids and hubby (Mommy’s Day Out! :P)

Thanks to Novemberschild for coming up with this fun Challenge. Hopefully will see it through!

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