After the latest Bangalore molestation incident, I was horrified at reading the many excuses that cropped up. I was beyond angry. Every silly excuse got me worked up, with choicest of explicit’s leaving my mouth. Not proud of it, but it got me thinking. It’s high time we stop ignoring these comments as one of. I am putting down my replies to such silly comments. It is important that we reply back in the language they understand and show them that we do see through the smokescreen that they are trying to create.

Not all Men are like that – This one was rebuked online and rightly so. Of Course! we know not all men are like this, but it certainly doesn’t help. Even one in a hundred who acts bad ends up being responsible for scarring a dozen lives and that’s a lot. Also though not all men are like that, not all men offer help either. Shouldn’t that change?

It’s all because of the media and movies- This is one of the most hilarious ones that I have heard. How come we don’t see a similar number of people being influenced to join the armed forces or follow a celebrated athlete? Blaming anything other than that person’s mentality is like spinning a Shekhchilli story. If you can’t help being influenced, don’t watch – Period!

Girls shouldn’t own cellphone – This is taking evils of technology a little too far. It’s a great idea for some sci-fi movie, but if you believe this as a reality, then not even Google can help you. Frankly, it’s the boys who shouldn’t own a cell phone or at least there should be high scrutiny before allowing them to own one. Incidents like watching porn while on duty or in the Parliament prove that not all men are mature enough to know what to watch where. And to say that they are influenced by it, shows they certainly don’t know the difference between reel and real.


Girls shouldn’t venture out with men who are not relatives – Such statements make me wonder if we have really moved forward from the medieval period. Had Jhansi Rani, Rani Channamma, Razia Sultan etc. waited for such male companions, the history of India would have been different. Who will guarantee that the same male relative will not turn into an offender? We don’t need protection we need respect as a fellow human being.

It was a drunken mistake – This is one of the classics, supposedly influenced by media. Well, if you can’t handle it don’t drink. Period! Why should someone else suffer for your incapability? Grow up!

It’s not like she was raped. She was just touched – Really! So, say a girl just strips you in the middle of the road or slaps you for no reason, there is no reason to be outraged. After all, it wasn’t like she killed you. Please google up something called personal space. Violating it is nothing short of a crime.

It’s okay as long as you don’t get caught – How can that even come up as an excuse is beyond me! This is akin to all the Salman Khan-black buck/hit and run case jokes doing the round. So if your wife cheats on you, it’s okay as long as she is not caught in the act?

It’s okay if you don’t know the girl – This sure stems out of some twisted kind of family and societal love. How can it be even logical? Who gave you the right to invade anyone’s personal space? Known or unknown is not even the criteria! Saying this is like saying, next time someone kicks you to a pulp, you will excuse that person, just because you don’t know him.

It is high time we stop making silly excuses and come up with a comprehensive plan to fight these incidents, report them and ensure there are stricter consequences for it.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you come across any silly excuses? do share in the comments below.

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