A capricious and often brutal temptress

She is frail, with no strength of her own.

Everyone ignores her, and don’t take her into account,

While her parasitic nature, hides behind a vulnerable exterior

She tiptoes into your life, while you are running behind your dreams, and suddenly takes over,

Nobody believes they are susceptible, but she can make the mightest of them bow

She toys with young and old, toddlers and kids,

She spares no one, she loves no one.

Such is her grip on life that

She lives a veiled existence yet people dread talking about her.

If undetected, she gets her friends depression and anxiety

Together they slowly choke the life out of your well wishers- joy, drive, inspiration.

By then, it’s too late, all you can do is watch in helplessness or list help and fight.

Yet many are ashamed to agree that they are in her cluthes

And prefer a silent death over a simple solution

It is better to talk and than be sorry.



19 Replies to “Capricious and brutal temptress -Stress”

  1. Beautifully written. It’s hard to define stress and harder to explain what it does to an individual. People don’t understand the long term damage done by stress, and end up never talking about it.
    Keep writing, looking forward to read more such good articles.

  2. Stress undoubtedly is an enemy which can destroy a lot of happy things in our life too, which a lot of people don’t understand. The way you have explained and written this beautiful thought s just damn fab loved it!

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