My mom was visiting us when the lockdown was announced. As the days stretched I realized she was missing her routine and her serials.

Kids have total control of television in our house for most hours in a day. While we caught up on our favourites on the various OTT platforms, Mom was not able to watch her family entertainment serials and favourite movies. My mom predominantly watches her favourite serials on Zee TV hindi and marathi channels.  I knew about the ZEE5 app, so I thought about downloading it on her phone. This is when I read about ZEE5 CLUB PACK.

5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan For You If You Love Family Entertainment

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Choosing the ZEE5 Club Pack ended up being a great deal for us. Here’s why

Affordable pricing

I realized the club pack was very affordable.  It comes to just Rs.1 per day! With just  Rs.365 for a year my mom could enjoy unlimited series that she wanted and loved. It even had her favourite movies from hindi and marathi languages which was perfect. Now she could watch what she wanted and that too at her  convenience.

Incredible credit system

Another interesting thing that I saw about it was the incredible credit system that they offer. If we end up watching for 150 days then the remaining viewing days are credited as credits in our account which can be  utilized during the future upgrade. This meant no amount was wasted.

Watch serials before they air on tv

Another interesting aspect about this was the fact that she could watch her favourite serials before they went on air! How cool is that! She was super happy that she could know what Soham was upto in one of the marathi serials ‘Agabai Sasubai’  that she watched. It also meant she could share reviews with her friends about the latest in marathi movies that she watched recently on the app!

5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan For You If You Love Family Entertainment

Image source- Zee5

No ad break and promotion

Don’t we all love our series without breaks! Especially when there is a cliffhanger! Mum is no different and she would be irritated with the commercial breaks in her favourite serials. Now with ZEE5 Club Pack, there are no ad breaks or promotions. She has been loving her experience of watching her favourite shows on ZEE5 mobile app.

Not just zee5, but you get much more

The biggest benefit of migrating to the ott platform of ZEE5 has been the fact that it is not limited to just ZEE serials. In the club pack mom has been able to explore programs available on Alt Balaji and Zindagi shows. A long list of hindi and marathi movies is an added bonus.

For the past few days, mom has been able to get her daily dose of entertainment with no interruptions. She has been able to catch up on some evergreen marathi movies and watch her favourite serials at her time. Her benefit in the long run is that she would be carrying her entertainment in her pocket, wherever she travels. ZEE5 Club Pack is definitely value for money in the current situation.

19 Replies to “5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Subscription Plan For You If You Love Family Entertainment”

  1. It was the same scene at my place as well. Kids shows were taking over the TV time. My in laws are here and they have there set of serials that they enjoy watching. Zee5Club Pack is an answer to their questions. It has understood the preferences of every age group and this club pack is icing on the cake.

  2. It’s really need of today that we need to take this Zee5 pack as it’s full of amazing series and movies …as TV is already taken by kids

  3. ZEE5 OTT platform has been a saviour during the lockdown and the Club Pack has made it even more affordable. I love the fact that their is good kids entertainment bundled within this pack so the complete family can enjoy.

  4. I agree with all the reasons you have shared. I just love the content on ZEE5 be it series or movies, love binge-watching it. We got the club pack subscription recently and even asked my mom and mother in law to upgrade theirs too.

  5. ZEE5 has been our companion during the lockdown and this club pack makes it even better. Great family entertainment and at great price too.

  6. Zee5 club pack is a great option to watch and pay whatever we like . And it is so affordable also . I like this concept.

  7. My aunt was missing her shows as they stopped with the set top box. I just told her that this is a better option as we can watch our shows at our convenient times.

  8. I have been hearing such good things about the benefits of this club pack. This will be really good for all entertainment lovers. I thing this is very interesting to watch things before tv.

  9. Wow it’s very good that ZEE5 Club Pack provides wide range of content in English, Hindi and other Regional Languages and we can watch favourite TV shows before they are aired on TV. like that pack is affordable

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