Smartick helps the child to understand concepts, improve calculation skills, concentration and mental agility.

How many of you dreaded Maths in school? I know I did! I found it extremely boring and unimaginative. The whole tables, and equations and BODMAS etc. etc. made my head hurt and I always looked at ways to not do Mathematics.

I don’t think it was to do with the understanding level of the subject, but the whole boring and insipid approach made all the difference in my outlook towards the subject. I can say this confidently today, because I have experienced the transformation.

Today, I am going to talk about a new concept that is revolutionizing the way Mathematics is learned! I came across Smartick Method, when I got a mail from them to try and review it. The moment I went to their website, I knew this was going to be different and I instantly agreed.

What is Smartick Method?

Smartick is a unique online learning platform that lets a child learn at his own pace. It focuses on self-learning; thereby helping the child to understand concepts, improve calculation skills, concentration and mental agility.

What methodology do they follow?

Smartick goal is to make maths fun. They have created a healthy mix of traditional and new approaches towards learning maths. They use best traditional learning methods inspired from Japan and Singapore combined with studies from top research centers and universities like Harvard and the University of Chicago.

How does it work?

Smartick Method is designed in such a way that the child needs to spare only 15min a day! Isn’t that cool? Before smartick, making my daughter to sit for studies was a task, but now she is the one who reminds me about her daily smartick session!

Once the login is created, the child can start accessing the modules. Initially smartick offers random questions to understand your child’s level. Based on the results of the first 3-4 days, smartick daily sessions are updated. So you don’t have to worry, if x,y,z has been taught to your child or not.

My Review

My daughter is in love with Smartick! She is eager to do her daily sessions and understand her mistakes and improve. I have seen an increase in her concentration levels. As I get daily updates about her performance, I am attuned to her progress.

There is something called as smartick Brain games which is motivating and interesting. My daughter not just finishes her 15 min session, but also enjoys doing the Brain Games and virtual world access after the session.

As all the details are captured in a separate parent login, I can access it and view it anytime I want and help my child understand where she needs to improve.

This is completely self-learning based and hence I never have to sit and explain her questions or concepts. She watches the tutorials and works on her pace.

The report not just focuses on the number of correct answers but also takes into consideration her speed at solving them and her logic and reasoning.

Best Things that I liked

  • It’s just 15 min in a day, something that a child can easily do
  • It is designed for children from 4-14 year old.
  • This is an online platform, and they do not follow a school or state syllabus. The focus is on improving the child’s concepts, speed and accuracy.
  • It is accessible only on screens bigger than 7 inches.
  • Smartick complements the school curriculum and is aligned with the Common Core Standards and NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) standards.
  • Smartick is powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology: ability based, your child progresses at his or her own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration, and developing a positive attitude to math.
  • The child works on mental calculationand algebra while also developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Smartick includes logic exercises that help children improve both in logical reasoning and reading comprehension.
  • Gamification elements help children be engaged and improve their concentration levels. All games in Smartick are scientifically designed to reinforce cognitive skills: perception, attention, memory and logical reasoning.
  • Referral program: Tutors/parents can benefit from a 27 dollars discount if they recommend a friend. And the new friend that subscribes will receive a 25% off the first subscription they buy.

Smartick is powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology: ability based, your child progresses at his or her own pace,

My suggestion

This is a paid subscription, however if I go on a vacation or do not have access to a computer for some time, there is no way I can pause the subscription. They should introduce that feature. Apart from this I can’t think of anything!


If you are thinking about giving a gift to your child this Christmas or New Year, gift them knowledge and world-class education with Smartick Method. As a mom who has seen her child enjoy Smartick Method, I would highly recommend it. Right now, Smartick has a gift for children registering in New Year week, do check it out!

30 Replies to “An innovative way to make Maths lovable – Smartick Method”

  1. Definitely a good break from just doing nothing productive. It will help with some application skills too for the kids.

  2. Dear Mrs. Tambe. Thank you so much for this amazing review, insights, and suggestions. We at Smartick are really happy to hear that Smartick Method is making such a positive impact on your kid’s learning style. I too wasn’t a big fan of math as a kid and wish so much that Smartick was available then.

    According to our research, long vacation is a period when students’ rate of academic development declines. Thus, we have developed Smartick to combat learning loss during vacation. This is the reason why we don’t have the feature of pausing the program, as we recommend that kids do their daily 15 minutes sessions even during vacations. We feel that if we make such a feature available, then the study habit and routine will not be instilled in the kid.

    Thank you!

  3. Smartick Method is a blessing for parents and kids. I don’t think spending 15 mintut s is that hard for any child. Plus I liked that it is functional only on screen bigger than 7″.

  4. Sounds like a fully loaded learning made fun app. Although my kiddo is a little young for math, i will recommend this to my nephews

  5. Neha, as I started reading your blog I thought only if it could be an offline method because I don’t want to give them screen time. But as I progressed reading I found it that only for 15 mins!! That’s fantastic.

  6. I love mergods of challenging brain developement and STEM skills .But also want to decrease screen time.So 15minutes are great.Looks perfect as a gift option.

  7. This is wonderful, teaching maths to kids can be so easy and fun. Thank you for sharing this. I will share this with my sister as her kids would love to learn this.

  8. with time the field of education and how things are taught to kids have changed a lot, there are so many innovative ways in which they learn. Great post

  9. Maths is always a challenge for many kids . Online learning is really picking up in our country now. A good option, will surely try with Devaansh once.

  10. Oh, this app is great. Very useful for the holidays and vacations when kids refuse to even look at their books.

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