Day 2 of the Challenge. The #BloggingChallenge was started by NovembersChild and I plan to complete this one! screenshot_20170104-085610_1

Nine Loves

  1. Love listening to romantic music. Soft, melodious ones.
  2. Love making things/things happen. Projects, art-work, recipes,stories anything.
  3. Love chaat and street food.
  4. Love watching re-runs of Friends and Big Bang Theory.
  5. Love the concept of Karma!
  6. Love reading thrillers.
  7. Love travelling.
  8. Love my kids! They drive me crazy but I wouldn’t change anything about them 😛
  9. Love lip-syncing to movies by turning the sound to mute with my crazy cousins.
    ( We are mad that way’s! Age no bar :P)

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