Eight Fears

Day3 of the #10DayYouChallenge is 8 Fears.

8 Fears

  1. I am scared of all crawly reptiles – lizards, chameleon and the likes
  2. I can’t watch horror movies. Even after repeating it like a zillion times that it’s all fake, I am jumpy and frayed for the next couple of days
  3. I feel weird in low-ceiling, compact places. I might be borderline claustrophobic.
  4. I can’t watch animals being harmed or anything. For the fear of being irresponsible and causing them harm, I have never had a pet.
  5. I have a weird fear of dogs! If it comes anywhere near me I turn into a stone.
  6. I stay away from dark places. If I can’t see where I am going, I am not interested in going.
  7. I fear making mistakes as a parent hence I am mostly part confused+part frustrated
  8. I can’t swim and hence am cautious when in water. Should take swimming lessons in 2017!

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