“If I were a fish in the sea, I would wiggle my tail and giggle with glee”.

This was what my daughter was singing while standing in front of a mirror. I peeped into the room and joined her, to sing, “Even I wish to be a fish!”

She quickly turned around to me and said “No! I wish I can be a doctor, or a teacher or maybe a princess! What do you want me to be?”

“I am sure you can be anything you want my dear,” I said as I hugged her.

But it got me thinking, what do I wish for my child? No, I don’t mean careerwise as I believe I would be more of a facilitator in helping her achieve her choice, but it will have to be her choice. I just mean what do I wish for her in life? As I sat pondering about it, I jotted this down.


I wish you are a beautiful person, Not on the outside

’cause that the world’s harsh opinions would make you, but on the inside.

Be someone who understands empathy and care.

I wish you are a warrior, not on the border,

but in a war against social norms.

Be someone who’s not cowed down by social expectations

Follow your heart and stand up for what you believe in.

I wish you are a spider, persistent in what you want,

and realize it’s okay to fail.

What matters most is not getting it right the first time,

But standing back tall once you fall.

I wish you are a tigress, fierce and strong,

That no amount of dirty looks and horrific acts can affect you.

And finally I wish you always know,

that it’s okay to feel bogged down and lost.

You might think that you are drowning,

but have the strength to talk about it with your family.

Because no matter what, we will always love you.

All you need to do is call and I will be there my darling.

I might not be able to wish away the troubles,

’cause those are your battles and you will have to fight them on your own.

But I can give you an embrace of surety, a kiss of confidence and a lap to cry out all you want.

I wish you believe that no matter what, there will always be a new day and a new beginning.”

(This article was first published on Woman’sWeb and it was my first article 🙂



12 Replies to “Yes, Daughter you can be anything you want, My Dear!”

  1. As I am quite vocal about my feelings for my family and especially my daughters and keep sharing my letters for them in my blogs, I can relate to this heartfelt post so much. Such lovely lines you have penned, Neha, loved it.

  2. Lovely lines. And, yes a girl can be anything she desires. High time to get rid of people from our life who talk the reverse.

  3. That’s such a heartfelt and beautiful note for your daughter. Wishing her the very best in all her endeavors and congratulations for your first post on Women’s Web!

  4. Such a lovely post Neha, indeed our role is of a facilitator to help kids achieve their dreams. But more, it is about the human they need to be to face with world with glory and pride.

  5. What a lovely lovely post this is. I tell my daughter too. You can be anything and everything your heart desires. You just have to believe

  6. This was straight from the heart, I am sure all moms and daughters would relate to this. Loved it. Baby girl, you can be anything you want to be.

  7. These are beautiful wishes Neha – both the daughter and son can be anything they want. Parents imposing on them or restricting them in anyway doesn’t help for their future.

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