She lay there, crying and helpless.

He came, fought against all odds to save her.

She was a 3 day old baby, left on the streets to die

He was an eunuch, dejected with the world’s suspicious eyes

Both were sad, but had a will to live

While the cruel world schemed against them

They found happiness with each other.


Linking up to BlogChatter Prompt Because I am Happy. This is not exactly me being happy, but it does try to spread some happiness, so the link-up.

9 Replies to “An Unlikely Pair”

  1. Oh wow! You have to have to read “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” by Arundhati Roy. Your lovely story is just a beginning. BTW, I love the design of your blog and how everything is so properly arranged and ordered. Satisfies my 1% of OCD 🙂

    1. Thank you Mansi, will surely check it out. Super happy when someone likes the design as as I worked on it myself.

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