MaternalShe had lived a solitary life, with no family to call her own.

Her students had been her children.

But now, as she was nearing retirement,she was scared of the emptiness that would envelop her

She was out for her morning walk, with such melancholic thoughts

When there was a big ruckus behind some bushes

The stillness of morning air was pierced by a cry

And fierce barking of dogs that sounded like blood hounds

She quickly picked a big stick and some stones lying by

And ran as fast as her legs could take her,

What met her eyes was gruesome

Three dogs were attacking something wrapped in a cloth

From the sounds, she could make out it was a new born

It looked like someone had abandoned a newborn

Quickly overcoming her fear

She started throwing stones and making loud noises while attacking with sticks

The dogs weren’t going to back off easily

But she was determined

The commotion also attracted the attention of fellow walkers

And soon the dogs backed off and ran away

She quickly ran to the cloth

To find a badly bruised and battered baby

Looking at its condition

She felt as if her heart had been ripped out of its cage

She gathered the baby delicately and took him to the hospital

The doctor’s asked, “Is it your baby?”

With tears in her eyes and maternal love in her heart

She simply nodded in affirmative.


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