She was a celebrity, an icon in her field

Many looked up to her as a young achiever

But she couldn’t bear to see herself in the mirror

Coz, her popularity was based on the biggest farce ever

In her hunger to prove herself and be famous

She had fabricated an exclusive story,

She knew there was only smoke no fire,

Yet, it had taken the journalistic world by storm.

Today while the truth soldiered on to prove its existence,

She was sitting in fancy studios, faking sorrow, clamoring about high handedness

She had been blinded by her thirst for recognition,

But she never knew the price of it was so high

As she wrote about it all in detail, she glanced at her awards,

Ashamed of it, and her very existence

While she wasn’t strong enough to talk about it and witness her fall

As she drifted off to sleep drinking the poison laced tea,

She wished death would cleanse off the shame and set her free

Ashamed - When your greatest desire becomes your biggest burden

I am participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge with BlogChatter,  and this is my first post for it. My theme for this competition is Nanotales on emotions and you will read about one new emotion or feeling everyday, right through April!

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