Reluctant Leader
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She wore a crisp white shirt and a pencil skirt. Her hair had been tied into a tight ponytail. She checked the time. She was ready early. The newspaper on the table caught her attention. The youngest and the most promising CEO of the billion dollar empire will meet with the shareholders today, it read.

She always wanted to make headlines, albeit in a different field. She had always been extremely emotional. She had always been poetic. She would get lost in the literary world and dreamed of being a published author. Her father was a businessman and a very good one at that. She had been good academically and when people enquired if she would be doing her MBA and joining him, her father teased that her mushy heart could never understand the shrewd, calculated world of business.

She was just one application away from fulfilling her dream. But a fateful accident changed everything. Her family was wiped out in the accident and she was saddled with the responsibility of running a business empire, of which she knew very little. It was a responsibility she had to fulfill. Her mushy heart took a backseat and her brain worked around numbers and strategy. She had taken complete charge of the business and quickly rose to be the most successful young businesswoman. The article hailed her as a great leader. She nodded with a sad smile correcting, a reluctant leader.

10 Replies to “Reluctant Leader”

  1. I believe we are all chosen for our destiny. It might take her a while to be a published author. Maybe she can use her work experience as a book!
    If we want something bad enough, it becomes a high priority, and we find ways to make it happen. Good luck to you and your dreams.

  2. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge to point us in the direction where we are destined to go. Very nicely written story!
    Research is very important, but how much research do writers put in?
    Readers of the Night

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