Stressed about future
Stress Free Childhood

Anita was seething with anger,

She called Harsh inside and made him sit in front of her and demanded ‘How did this happen?’ What were you doing? I focus all my attention and energy on you and this is what I get in return? How can you be so casual about all this? Don’t you know your future depends on it?

She volleyed a barrage of such questions to which Harsh, who was all of seven, had no answer. Her voice was a clear indicator of her temper and that itself was enough to scare an already stressed Harsh. He couldn’t really understand much of what his mother was saying, but he felt it was wise to keep quiet. All he understood was that he had done something terrible.

She continued admonishing him for the next half an hour “Next time I want to see an A+ in every subject. How will you be a brilliant engineer if you score less?” He obediently nodded his head. You can go to play now, Anita announced. Harsh felt sad and stressed, but he didn’t know how to react.

Anita had been an intelligent and a capable woman, but sadly her family did not find her intelligence worth nurturing and preferred to marry her off instead. Now this frustrated mother looked for recognition through her son. She wanted him to realize all her unfulfilled ambitions.

Sadly, what she didn’t realize is all he wanted was love and not being saddled with her ambitions.

9 Replies to “Stressed about future”

    1. So very true. Something that we prefer pushing under the rug instead of discussing about it in the open

    1. True! More and more parents are pushing their children to be robots than humans, conviniently forgetting their playful childhood

  1. This is so typical of our societies. Poor Harsh and so many other kids who are forced to run in the rat race since very early in their lives.

    Social stigmas are a bane for our societies. Lets not give in.

    Readers of the Night

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