I sit by the window looking out at the idyllic lake,

Being ravaged by the stormy rains.

It looks like a million needles rain down

And pierce the sheet of water to batter its soul.

I feel a sharp pain shoot in my heart, as it reminds me

Of the storms raging within.

There is silence all around, except for the deafening stormy assault

The meek revolts of the lake long forgotten.

I feel for the lake as it silently withstands the assault,

Waiting for the storm to recede

Now the birds are chirping and the fishes plop in the sun kissed waters.

The storm long gone, the lake is now brighter

As I brush a tear off my cheek, I realize…

The storm that rained havoc on the lake had

Actually made it brimming and beautiful.

Photo Credit www.realfmgy.com


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