Every morning he left his empty home

A home which was filled with memories

For a noisy, crowded yet lonely office

In that big office of many, he was just a cog in the wheel

While he did his work well, he always had a frown on his forehead

His nasty mood never seemed to change

He never mixed with his colleagues, nor was he accommodating

He did his job and expected others to do the same

Some said he was a prisoner of the past

While some who had faced his wrath remarked that he was a wacko

Once the day ended, he headed straight to a city theater

Inside as the make-up colored his face,

He was transformed from a man with a nasty temper into a character.

A king, a begger, a policeman, a father or a mad lover

He performed each role with élan

For those three hours he lived their life

Happy to be free from worldly ties,

Feeding his soul and truly living his life.


10 Replies to “Nasty”

  1. This is a great story with several messages. It would seem that his real life is unhappy and he only finds pleasure in role playing other lives. That attiude carries through at work. We spend most of our time at our jobs, and love them or not, with our coworkers. I have always done my best to get along and to be helpful, though I have learned over years that it might be best to keep work life and personal life a bit separate. We can get too involved, making things uncomfortable. I think we need the break from both. I hope your character meets someone who empowers him to return to the land of the living! I will definitely be following the rest of your A-Z and will come back to read the ones I’ve missed!

    Read today’s A to Z post at Josie Two Shoes

    1. Thank you Josie for stopping by. Yes, in today’s life, everyone is wearing a mask of some degree. Either to protect ourselves from pain or for hiding pain.

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