Tender Love

Sameer reached the bus-stop early, in-time to see her walking towards him. Aparna always waved and smiled at him, but then she did that with everyone on the stop. From a boy whom the bus driver cursed for being late every day to a boy, who reached the bus stop 5 minutes early, Sameer was a transformed boy.

Nowadays, the school didn’t seem so boring nor did talking to girls seem weird. He took extra care of how he looked while going to school and intently watched all the advertisements about male grooming products. He religiously finished all his homework and even did some extra reading to look smart in class. Though they were in the same class, took the same bus and lived in the same society, Sameer wasn’t able to grab her attention. He wanted Aparna to spend more time with him.

As they entered the bus, he stumbled and fell flat. He was embarrassed and crushed.  Who would be friends with a goofy guy? He was gloomy the whole day and refused to look in Aparna’s direction for the fear of disapproval in her eyes, but after school she came and sat next to him in the bus smiling and just like that something tender and pure bloomed.


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