Annika was upset. She was always upset when she had to return. She always cried and threw a tantrum in a futile attempt to postpone her return. She was getting her way this time and she was going to put up a great act, Annika thought determined.

She sat in a huff at the end of her tantrum. Her granny smiled and came to her with a besan laddoo. Annika loved her granny’s laddoo’s but today she controlled her urge to lunge towards it hungrily. She had to act visibly upset if she wanted her way. “I don’t want to go back. Back to school, classes and tutions, I hate it there. Mum and Dad are busy. There are always rules and restrictions. I want to stay with you.” She said with tears in her eyes. Her granny kissed her on the forehead and tried explaining things to her.

Just then granny’s phone rang. She answered it and simply said “Meera, Annika has decided that she won’t be returning to you. So I suggest you get her name transferred in the town school and send some more clothes for her.” Annika squealed with joy for getting her way. She hugged her granny tight but before she could say anything her granny said “Annika, now that you are staying here you need to know, we have rules and restrictions here too. Also, there are no malls here and the schools are open on Saturday’s too. You will study for 2 hours daily as I can’t go and drop you at tuitions.” As her granny listed off things to do Annika suddenly realized that it was no different from home. “But granny you don’t make me do all this when I am here for vacations?” Granny simply said “They are called vacations for a reason darling.” Annika realized her mistake “I will go home granny and come back during next vacation,” she said with a mischievous grin spreading on her face.

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