We recently crossed the Earth Overshoot Day, meaning that humans are pushing the planet to its ecological limit at an accelerated pace. We are consuming more of Earth’s resources than it can produce. My #Tiniature about this and what will happen if we continue to act rogue.

Have you given this a thought? Maybe other species will be required to take up the responsibility and find some solutions for it.

Man always prided himself in being the most intelligent of them all, but what if the God’s have realized their mistake and decided to evolve other species as well. If ‘MAN’ continues to act in the way he is now, maybe other species will be required to take up the responsibility and find some solutions for it and these solutions might not be to our liking!

Earth's Deficit - #Tiniature

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    1. Thank you Amrita. I do hope we wake up to this horror at the earliest, or we will be leaving a terrible mess for our children, that they might not be able to clean

  1. Oh yes this could be the reality very soon! After every natural upheaval its Man who is the most affected – not the earth! If and when doomsday arrives, human race will be wiped out while the earth will recharge in peace. Yet man takes no heed and continues to detroy something so very precious

  2. Seriously very sad and it can be a reality soon the way things are going on around us. It is scary but still, nobody is taking any big measures for it.

  3. It’s a hard truth. We keep saying save the earth but we hardly do anything. Nothing is going to change if we keep thinking and talking about it. Implementation is more important.

  4. This is a crude reality, however, we try it is already too late for this irrevocable damage. The lines are quite haunting to read, we are indeed enemies of nature.

  5. Man are the biggest enemy, I agree. Practice what you preach but we failed in doing that. Loved your take on this. Until and unless people’s attitude and mindset change towards this, nothing can happen.

  6. It’s the hard reality. We talk about saving our planet. But do we actually do anything for that? We should change our mindset and start acting otherwise we will not be able to resist the inevitable consequences.

  7. Though it is a Tiniature post, it has sparked so many questions to humans. Are we doing enough ? And if this is not enough then what should be the major steps taken. We have to wakeup before it is too late.

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