Do you know what is common between Pehredar Piya Ki, Ishqbaaz, Nagin, Sasural Simar Ka and the likes of it? They all are demeaning the Intelligence and emotional quotients of their audience. I know that’s a very strong statement but let’s face it all these soaps are never ending; they revolve around the standard story of love, deceit and scheming relatives. The paranormal or so called traditional perspective just seems to be reinforced by these serials. The writers seem to believe that their audience is so stupid that they will watch any nonsense that is fed in the name of entertainment.

We are in the 71st year of Independence, we have a young population who is educated, well-read, well-traveled and aspirational and yet our entertainment industry believes in promoting and propagating regressive thoughts. Let’s look at the reasons why I have come to this conclusion

My rant against the television serials that show nonsense in the name of entertainment

The writers of serials like these seem to think on the following lines

  1. These serials are mostly watched by women in the age-group of 30+
  2. These women are majorly from B-town or small towns and villages who have nothing much to do in the afternoons (when the repeats are showcased) and hence will lap up anything
  3. Older women love kitchen politics
  4. This is the perfect formula to get good TRP
  5. Women are meant to be god-fearing, tied to traditions and the epitome of sacrifice
  6. They can relate with scheming relatives and plots like those
  7. The audience is dumb and extremely ignorant about the variety of entertainment series offered by the world at large.
My rant against the television serials that show nonsense in the name of entertainment
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I have some news for these writers

  1. Women in small towns and villages are working the whole day, be it in their business or fields or in their homes. They need some sensible entertainment and a sense of aspiration, they don’t need melodrama (There are more women working in rural and small town areas as compared to urban)
  2. The women in the age-group of 30+ were born in the 80’s They grew up on beautiful serials like Wagale Ki Duniya, Hum Paanch, Malgidi Days and the likes. They really don’t need these crappy plots
  3. Older women don’t love kitchen politics. They look for entertainment, freedom from the daily monotonous life
  4. Women are much more than the idealistic or negative women characters portrayed in Hindi television
  5. Do check out the regional channels and understand the serials that have become popular.
  6. The regional channels are going bold and exploring relevant, current topics. Something that a today’s woman can relate to.
  7. We don’t need to see larger than life houses and show-sha of money, we need to laugh at our heart’s content, feel inspired, and be aspirational.
  8. When any serial tried to do something other than kitchen politics, they have been lauded – be it Jhansi Rani or (Uncha Majha Jhoka – Marathi), Crime Partol or even the Kapil Sharma Show.


Do you agree with me? Do you believe that the serials mock our intelligence? Or do you just sit back, watch this senseless drama and laugh to your heart’s content? Would love to hear your views about this


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My rant against the television serials that show nonsense in the name of entertainment

45 Replies to “My rant against the television serials that show nonsense in the name of entertainment”

  1. Good one Neha! I think the regional ones are better like uncha maza jhoka as you rightly said. Though I am getting increasingly disappointed by Kahe Diya pardes which seemed promising. Hindi serials are the riest of the lot. You must tag the big production houses in this post

  2. Very logically analyzed, agree with you but the growing popularity of such serials clearly says that viewers like these, now and then launching new serials means the production houses are not running in loss…so whatever some of our views are but they dont lack TRP.

  3. I wonder how they get their TRPs and what encourages them to go on and on running for years sometimes. I do wish they would come up with something that’s entertaining as well as sensible.

  4. You are spot on! I am amazed at how regressive the Indian entertainment industry is these days. In-fact, like you said, they were much better in 90s when we was growing up. Ever since Ekta Kapoor came in with her regressive crap, it’s all been downhill.

  5. Totally agree, they portray all women as evil.But the irony is that women are their immortal viewers:( when they should be boycotting them!

  6. I just hate watching serials. The maker does not stick to the topic, make changes to for a long story,what-else they can do to make it last for at-least 3-4 years .They don’t teach anything useful, all useless.

    1. So True! I really wish this changes. I have seen Epic Channel put up quality content, but we can do with a few more.

  7. Absolutely, Neha. We do not watch any Hindi serials at home. The SAB channel is one of our favourites for its clean content and family shows.
    I would like to add something. Have you realised how important it has become for writers to show consummation scenes in a couple nowadays? That too in so-called family serials that otherwise talk sanskar. How embarrassing it is to see it with kids around!

  8. I’m from the Philippines and most of the shows here are about adultery, covetousness, and revenge. Movies have the same theme over and over. I’m happy though that there are still indie filmmakers who make movies with better stories than the blockbuster ones.

  9. I totally agree with you. This the reason why I stopped watching tv altogether. Now I mostly catch up the US tv series or some random movies.

  10. We no longer have cable at home because of the kind of stuff being shown. We just stream what we want to watch. Yes there is some really good television still there but a lot of shows are a pure waste of time and mind space. So glad the show Pehredar Piya Ki got taken off finally. I only read about it but I’m amazed such a premise was allowed to go on air. everything you have said about such shows is so spot on.

  11. I still cant beleive that we are making Nagin serials or movies in 2017. I mean seriously? Are people still finding it fun. Some of these serials make my blood boil. But I must tll you this I am a part of some mommy groups and moms there post their life’s troubles hoping to get solutions or ideas. And i have read stuff which makes Ekta Kapoor look like a saint. So does real life inspire TV or is the other way around? Guess we will never know. I still dont support these dumb serials I must add.

  12. So I am not the only one to wonder why the serials like these are still on air?? Who in his/her normal sense would watch a woman turn into snake or fly and get entertained…. are you kidding me??

  13. You spoke my thoughts dear. It has been ages since I saw any Indian television serial as they are all sheer nonsense. I would prefer watching web series as they make a little sense to me. It is about time someone shows the mirror to the writer of these television serials.

  14. You just wrote what my mind had been holding for so long, bang on post direct to the face of those mindless serial makers or writers or whoever they are. I stopped watching TV few years back and that was one of the best decisions I took in recent years. Thanks for writing this.

  15. I second your thoughts, Neha. I even hate watching TV. This is high time that the creators of these serials should understand the reality and work on some good stories.

  16. Good one Neha, sometimes I feel , that not all of it happens in real life as well! Since TV is a reflection of society and vice versa as well, it is a responsibility on part of writers to write good stuff beneficial for the public in large

  17. This is a post that should be printed in bold on a reflex banner and sent as a Diwali Gift all the channels and producers of these crappy serials. Every word that you have said hits the reality bang on. Its not the writers who are at fault. They get a guideline and are required to change the script all together from the original plot because the channel thought so. But what I wonder is that why is there this deluge of such serials? Are they really good on TRP? if so then that is a cause of worry for us that our country’s people are becoming regressive than progressive.

  18. Couldn’t agree more with you, its just mindless, stupid and annoying.. and yes, it does give inspiration.. to the unscrupulous minds, unfortunately.

  19. TV serials have lost their quality. Its surprising and shocking that with time, even though people got more educated but still they like to watch these kind of serials. Reason I find for such selection might be today people just want to pass time wth TV on. They don’t care what is being shown, how worthy is it. Its more of a pass time for them.
    “Unch Majha Jhoka” was one of my favorite serials after a long time. I still enjoy watching it.

  20. This is the perfect answer on their face, Neha. Any kind of woman is not so dumb to watch such nonsense endlessly. Before taking blogging as a career, I used to watch some of the serials. But now I just think not to breathe rather write first or read first. Blogging has changed me so much and all for good.

  21. Spot On! TV is an idiot box and thankfully I don’t own one. I heard about the recent hue and cry about pehredar piya ki from social media and was shocked at a complete downturn tv serials has taken over the years, like you rightly point out. I remember watching Tenali Rama, Vikram Vetal and such. In fact a show like Tara was so much more progressive than the recent regressive ones I have heard of.
    Glad to hear that pehredar is off air now.

  22. Totally agree… the nonsense they show in the name of entertainment… We stopped watching Hindi serials and channels years ago … and recently when my Fatherinlaw was browsing some news channels… breaking news there too is about some breakups or linkups happening in the serial… “Simar ka hua talaak… breaking news”… So-called news channels too, trying to raise TRP’s

  23. I agree the points that you have raised. Indeed from a progressive society we are going back to a regressive society and if art and culture is being considered as a reflection of the current society then this is aweful . Only point of concern is that is regional soaps better ? Perhaps not

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