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#MyFriendAlexa is an initiative by BlogChatter to help us blog better. I am fairly new to blogchatter and this is my first #MyFriendAlexa campaign with them. As a digital marketer, I tend to use all the tools for the betterment of a client’s business or campaign, however, forget to implement the same for myself. I don’t know about you, but I come up with loads of excuses the moment someone points it out and though I can see through my flimsy excuses, I haven’t done much to improve. So I am taking #MyFriendAlexa as a challenge to push myself to work for my blog, my personal brand, which has been neglected for way too long.

I am supremely thankful for communities like BlogChatter as its because of them, people like me get the necessary push (or should I say kick :P) to better ourselves. I usually write about parenting (no advice, only personal experiences or my confusions) try my hand at short stories or micro-fiction and my advice or experiences as a Digital Marketer. As you can see my Digital Marketing section is the shortest as I am usually lost about what to share that will be helpful without being overwhelming.

Theme for My Friend Alexa

It’s not necessary to have a theme for My Friend Alexa, however, I have decided one for myself. I will write eight posts that might be helpful for bloggers or small businesses to push themselves on social media. These will be tips, hacks and maybe ideas to try out. I will touch upon all the major social media channels and what I know about improving them. So be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter, hope you will find a tip or two that you would like to try. Hope you enjoy these posts.

 I want to take my Alexa Rank to the next level with My Friend Alexa

Do add in the comments below, what you would like to read more about. That will give me ideas for the posts and hopefully helpful information for you.

As required by  #MyFriendAlexa, I am sharing my Day 1 ranking below. Currently, it is 1, 571,494

My Alexa rank on 1st Sep 2017

17 Replies to “My Friend Alexa by BlogChatter”

  1. Congratulations and welcome aboard to Alexa! You will love it, and love what it does for you and your blog.
    I love your theme, Neha and look forward to reading your posts and learning from them.

  2. Hey neha that’s a great theme I am sure many will find it useful. If you can also write about this dilemma that most of We bloggers face – so I write an awesome post share on twitter fb instagram once and then see sir traffic on day one but it subsides and dies from day 2. How should I better manage sharing and promoting- best practices

  3. This is a guiding star post, yes I had so many doubts in mind when took on this challenge but now can see them getting resolved. Thank You Neha for this informative post

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