Lucky to be Alive

As her eyes adjusted to the surroundings and she looked around. She saw a woman in white looking intently at her

‘Can you hear me,’ she asked. Sudha nodded in affirmative.

‘You have been extremely lucky, Miss… she said’

Sudha looked at her dusty and blood soaked top

Puzzled, she asked ‘what happened?’

I was supposed to catch a flight, I was at the airport? Her head was spinning as she tried looking around. The nurse, held her by the shoulders and steadied her. Just then, Sudha felt something in her hand. She looked down to see a small Iron Man figure,

‘You are at the airport! There was a bomb blast at the arrival gate’,

And it all came back to Sudha

‘Mum, please don’t go her son had pleaded’ as she was leaving

Beta, it’s an office thing and I will be back in 2 days she had reasoned

I will get you your favorite superhero, she promised

She remembered seeing a full Avengers set at display in the airport store near the arrival gate. She knew it was costly, but didn’t know if she would have time later and decided to buy it. Just as she picked it up from the cash counter, something ripped and the Iron Man fell and went under the counter.

Iron Man was her son’s favorite. He would usually wear the Iron Man Mask, wrap a red towel around his neck and run around the house, announcing ‘I am Iron Man’. The thought brought a smile on Sudha’s face and she quickly went down on the ground to retrieve it, just then there was a Boom. She was saved in the nick of time as the counters minimized the impact.

She looked at the chaos and destruction around, ‘Yes, she had been extremely lucky to be alive’

Writing this as part of A-Z Challenge with Blogchatter

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