She straightened her cap as she looked in the mirror

Today her life-long dream was coming true

As a feisty college grad, she had written to the army chief

“I wish to serve in the armed forces, when are girls being allowed in olive green?”

She hardly had expected a reply, but there it came, a crisp envelope from the Army headquarters,

“We do wish to include the girls, but it will take a couple more years”

That’s all she needed, a confirmation that her dream can be a reality

She bid her time and studied law with dreams of donning the uniform

And there it came in the newspapers, ‘Armed forces opens its doors for women’,

She was the first to reply as it was one step closer to her cherished desire

She never doubted her capabilities and knew in her heart she would be selected

Off she went to the training and out came 25 spirited women officers

The first in the history of Indian armed forces

The girls were no less than the men,

And they were always Sir, never a lady officer

They trained and sweated just like their counterparts

And became inspirations for thousands of girls around India

This is the story of cadet 001

Priya Jhingan and other 24 women cadets

Feisty and spirited women who joined the first batch

That, created history in the armed forces of India.

Feisty first armed officer of India
Priya Jhingan

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