Ecstatic- When a new relation is formed...

They were dressed in beautiful pink frill frocks

Getting their make-up done

Eagerly awaiting their turn.

It was grandparents day and they were determined to put up a grand performance.

Ashi wasn’t looking all that thrilled as she had nobody coming to see her perform

Her grandparents were in a distant country and her parents weren’t allowed.

Her shoulders slumped, and face contrived with a hint of gloom as she peered over the corner

There was a buzz in the theater and all her friends were happily pointing out their grandparents

Some had one, some had two, and there was someone for each one

Ashi half-heartedly acknowledged her friends excited squeals

And decided not to feel sad and cry about it.

But it was tough to ignore the lump in her throat

She was all of seven, and didn’t know how to swallow her sorrow.

Just as her eyes were turning moist, she saw a familiar figure move

Her eyes too were searching for someone and smiled as they settled on Ashi

Ashi’s joy knew no bounds as she realized what had happened.

She brushed her tears and was ecstatically smiling ear to ear

“Who’s that white lady? She doesn’t look like your grandmother, said one.”

Ashi smiled and said “She is Mrs. Lobo my elderly neighbor

And who said that grandmom’s can’t be adopted too?

That evening a new bond was forged between Ashi and Mrs. Lobo

Each created memories of something that they both eagerly wished – one her grandparents and the other her grandchild

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12 Replies to “Ecstatic- When a new relation is formed…”

  1. What a beautiful moment you’ve captured in your story. I wish I could adopt a few relationships myself. I wish …
    Thanks for visiting me Neha!
    The Abbie — #AtoZChallenge, Crazy Lifestyle Blogger, Potterhead, Middle-earthling, Coffee/Chai Lover, Poetess, & Home Chef, E for ‘Expect Nothing From Anyone’

  2. It’s true! Relations are not limited to blood ones only. I am bonded so well with some people who are not in my blood relation; they are family too. Good one Neha 🙂

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