Delight - What delights a toddler?
What delights a toddler?

She was a toddler, the princess of her house

She was surrounded by expensive toys and beautiful clothes,

Her room had numerous soft toys and her own set of accessories.

She was the most precious thing around

But these things didn’t interest her

She didn’t enjoy being with them

The clinking glass bangles in her granny’s hand,

Or the shiny steel glasses that she loved to bang

These were the things that delighted her.

She squealed with joy when she could play with her granny’s cotton saree

And jumped with happiness when the old napkin became her cape and she a superwoman!

But Alas, Her parents never understood this.

For them delight and happiness equaled everything new,

While she found joy in things that were ordinary and few.

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14 Replies to “Delight – What delights a toddler?”

  1. Beautifully penned Neha. This is the reality and parents should understand what a child really wants. Materialistic goods do not bring joy to the children.

  2. I loved this post, Neha. That is so true. Children need our undivided attention & love more than anything. Mine daughter always says- ‘mumma godee’ whenever I work on my laptop & in spite of being angry on her, what I do is just cajole her. Such is life of a mother without grandparents in house.

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