They were neatly lined up on the school grounds

Quiet and still as all the students were being brought out one by one

There was chaos everywhere but here even the air stood still

Not a leaf fluttered, not a bird chirped, as if it feared breaking the silence

Once the smallest of the students was brought out, the parents were allowed in

And suddenly there was a loud cry that pierced through the stillness

Mothers collapsed and families grieved as they identified their children

A bomb had ripped through the school,

A nurturing place which had been a sanctuary for children to grow and bloom

Teary eyes asked endless questions

How has my child’s death brought  victory to any nation or ideology?

Even the gods in heaven bowed in shame

As the grieving hearts asked “How will my child’s murder promote you or your name?”

Grieving- When even the Gods were ashamed
Terrorism knows no religion

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9 Replies to “Grieving- When even the Gods were ashamed”

  1. Even now I remember the fear that gripped my heart when I saw the bombs blow up during the Mumbai Bomb Blasts. I was in my balcony and saw smoke coming from different parts of the city and was hoping that the children were safe in their school. Thankfully they were but there were two blasts in the vicinity…..

    1. Yes as a parent it’s terrifying to think what kind of a world we are leaving for our children

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